Much of the knowledge you gain about EverQuest II's battlefields comes through trial and error - lose enough and you will learn exactly what not to do! If you'd like to deal with a little less error and learn some strategy that will get your through the Gears of Klak'Anon successfully, we have some tips that may just give your team the winning edge.

Once you have gotten the relic, make your way to a back corner next to your spawning platform. Near here you will find a tunnel that offers a bit of cover from ranged combat and good control over incoming traffic. Plant the relic holder between players and have your first line of defense at the lift and in the mid tunnel. Your goal here is to protect the relic holder while picking off the players that come in.

Read the Gear of Klak'Anon Strategy Guide and look over the map then next time you are facing off with the opposing team, you will know exactly how to win it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016