A staple utility in EverQuest II is definitely the mounts. Nearly every
player has one for the look, the status, the run speed, and the stats that they
provide. Traditionally you had to wait until you were in the mid levels before
you could get your first mount, either by quest or with gold, but not anymore!  New player mounts are
available and they won't cost you a single penny if you have a little time to
dedicate to questing. This is especially helpful for new free-to-play EQ2
Extended players who may not be ready to spend money on Station Cash mounts but
who would still like the benefit of having a mount.

Each of the new player cities has a mount available through their newbie
quest series. Higher level characters can generally also run these quests to
obtain the mounts as long as they haven't already completed the quests required.
It is possible to get the mounts from each of the cities or pick one up from a
city other than your own starting city, it just takes a bit of

New Halas - Frostfang Sea

If you are already questing through here then you might just end up picking
up your mount without even trying. If you are looking to pick up one of these
newbie rewards then you can obtain the quest by completing the series with Belka
Thunderheart in the cave at the Great Shelf. Her series will lead you to Thirin
Veliumdelver at the Cragged Spine. After completing a couple of his quests,
quests will open up for Knut Orcbane nearby and he is the one you want! 
Follow the series and you'll finally get to the quest "Sometimes you Feel Like a

Once you get inside the cave, equip the hat and "listen" to Griz. His voice
should lead you to /waypoint 89, -67, 125. You'll spot a sack near here that you
need to click on.  You'll be attacked by an unknown source but it doesn't
really do a lot of damage. Make your way towards /waypoint 245, -53, 55. Inside
the wagon is a black box you need to gather.

Your reward is a very nice white horse with a green saddle and a 25% run speed.


Kelethin - Greater Faydark

Mentha Haora /waypoint -437, 123, 482 at the Shadow Spire Outpost starts you
out. You will
need to do her quest series which will lead you to Princess Zhyleen in Tunare's
Glade then to Tuathil Laeds on the road to Crushbone. Tuathil is who will award
you the mount once you have completed his quests up to The Emerald Lake quest.
Just run out to Emerald Lake (/waypoint -789, 36, 298) and gather water using
the jug in your inventory. Around the area you'll spot several rock guardians
that you need to kill.

Your reward is a pale tan horse with a green saddle and a 25% run speed.


Gorowyn - Timorous Deep

Start with Primary Tlecche Myli'Din in Mok Rent. Follow his quests that send
you to do a series with Urg Drom. After those are completed, you go to Thulwun
Station to see Secondary Terkenil Niba'Xi. The second quest he gives you awards
the mount. He'll ask you to kill Assault Captain Frazykyr (on the platform
/waypoint 1331, 194, 183). Super easy!

Your reward is a pretty brown horse with a red saddle and a 25% run speed.


Neriak - Darklight Wood

This is a long quest series to get the final reward, but I think the Neriak
pony is the prettiest!  The quests start in T'Vatar's post with Laexyra
Y'Barriath. You need to follow her series that will eventually send you to
Wanderlust Fair. You may have to do a couple of extra quests around here until
Gaussnitra V'Kilana starts offering you quests. Follow her series until you are
sent to Vicaonar's camp just outside Wanderlust Fair. Do all of his quests to
open up Larnexa's series then follow hers back to Wanderlust Fair. Malyl will
then send you to Atalika in Shadow Oak and this is who will finally award you
the mount after you have completed her tasks, including the task that requires
you to speak with Madam Victra who will grant the quest "Collecting the

None of the quests are terribly difficult, but I quickly leveled from 14 to
18 hunting all these down.  The reward is a lovely dark grey horse with a
purple saddle and a 25% run speed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016