EverQuest II Sample Alternate Advancements

EverQuest II's Rogues are powerhouses of versitility, desired most in groups
for their debuffs and their high level of damage. Making the most of your
Brigand or Swashbuckler means getting the right gear, upgrading the right combat
arts, and certainly picking the right alternate advancements. Here you will find
a solid general spec for each Rogue class that is geared towards damage output.
Use the spec as is, or add your own flair targeting your personal needs. Either
way, this is the perfect starting point for your alternate advancement build.


Brigand Damage Spec

Rogue Line (100 pts)

  • STR (5, 10, 10, 1, 8)
  • AGI (4, 10, 10, 1, 4)
  • STA (0, 0, 0, 0, 4)
  • WIS (-)
  • INT (7, 7, 8, 1, 4)

Brigand Line (100 pts)

Since one of your two functions in a group is debuffs (and who wants to run
with a Brigand who can't use Dispatch?), your Potency line is key. From an
increase in your Poison's debuffing to an increased duration for Dispatch, this
line has what you need to make a mob seem underconned. With the end result being
an increase in both your CA and Poison duration, maxing out Potency is a must.

More debuff goodness can be found in the Afflictions line, which culminates in a
nice ability that lowers the targets AoE radius, keeping those casters on the
fringe healthy.

Finally, when you get to 70 points spent, start dropping everything into your
Sentinel's fate line (but not Help for the merciful) and max those out. Each one
has a hefty damage increase or a nice extra debuff to stack with the debuff.
When you have 10 pts in SF attributes, spend your next one on the end ability
Cornered. Cornered is a VERY nice AoE high damage and high mitigation debuff of
the tune of 2000+ points.

Brigand Shadows Line (70 pts)

Your general and Scout line are gimmes. Increase your speed and food
duration, and improve the reuse speed on Cheap Shot and max out your Offensive
Prowess for that extra shot of DPS. The Rogue tree has a couple of nice items,
but you'll definitely want to max out Poison Mastery for an additional 15%
poison damage to stack with what you got from the Potency line in the Brigand
tree. Make sure to pick up Thieving Essence as well for a nice boost to the
groups ability modifiers. Finally, the Brigand line has buff to your already
impressive Dispatch CA, so max that out and since you maxed out Avast Ye
(Agility 3 in the Rogue tree), make sure to max out Plankwalker as it boosts the
proc rate of Avast Ye. You'll have enough point to get both of the Brigand end
abilities, so no need to wrack your brains over which one to grab.


Swashbuckler Damage Spec

Rogue Line (100 pts)

  • STR (10, 8, 10, 1, 8)
  • AGI (6, 10, 6, 1, 8)
  • STA (4, 4, 8)
  • WIS (-)
  • INT (4, 4)

Swashbuckler Line (100 pts)

The rogues are all about doing the damage so you want to maximize that with
your AA options as much as possible. The Swashbuckler tree offers the best
options down the Potency and Reach lines allowing you to boost your poisons and
your AoE potential. In the SF end abilities, for more damage, pick up
Viscerating Stab and Puncturing Lung.

Swashbuckler Shadows Line (70 pts)

General line choose health and power or whatever else you can use. In the
Scout line, pick up your damage upgrades for Quick Strike and Sinister Strike.
For the rogue Rogues's Flurry, Circle of Blades, Battle Endurance, and Poison
Mastery. For the Swashbuckler line grab Pirate Swipe, Flamboyant Swashbuckling,
Kidney Slice, Countering Blow, and the two final abilities.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016