Being a EverQuest II Shaman is far more than just spam healing and hoping for
the best. With great debuffs, damage over time, and wards these healers are full
of variety and interest. If you have a Mystic or a Defiler, or have thought
about making one, then you need alternate advancement advice and we have it! 
Here you will find a full 250 AA spec that will point you in the right direction
of building the perfect spec for how you play. Use these spec as they are, or
play with them a bit to find a build that works.


Shaman Line (100 pts)

  • STR (4, 10, 8, 1, 8)
  • AGI (4, 10, 10, 1, 8)
  • STA (-)
  • WIS (4, 10, 10, 1)
  • INT (-)

Defiler Line (100 pts)

Choices from the Defiler line should be geared to what abilities you use. If
you solo more, put your points into damage (both single target and AoE) and
wards first. If you group more, debuffs, group wards are a bit more useful. In
the Sentinel's Fate row, Soul Corruption, Noxious Shroud, Vile Runes, and
Malicious Spirits.

Defiler Shadows Line (70 pts)

In the General line us power and health unless there is something else you
really want/need. In the Priest line, Litany of Combat and Protective Prayer are
good options. In the Shaman line, grab Tribal Frenzy, Spiritual Storm, and
Prophetic Spirit. In the Defiler line, pick up Hasten Poisoning, Pandemic,
Prophetic Protection and the two end abilities.


Shaman Line (100 pts)

  • STR (4, 6)
  • AGI (10, 10, 10, 1, 8)
  • STA (-)
  • WIS (10, 4, 10, 1, 8)
  • INT (4, 10)

Mystic Line (100 pts)

Most of your points should go into the Combat and Augmenting lines first
picking up those two end abilities as well. After that, add Cures and
Resurrection upgrades that you use often. In the Sentinel's Fate row, grab
Chilling Winds, Ancestral Runes, Lunar Spirits, and Stampede of the Herd.

Mystic Shadows Line (70 pts)

General take health and power (unless you can really use something else). In
the Priest line, pick up Litany of Combat and Protective Prayer. For the Shaman,
Spiritual Storm, Kindred Restoration, and Prophetic Spirit and good options. In
the Mystic line, grab Infusion of Spirit, Prophetic Ailment, Ancient Ritual,
Ravenous Protector, Ritual of Protection.

Do you have a favorite spec that works great for you? Be sure to share on our
forums the magical combo that you have come up with to get things done!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016