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Erollisi Day in Norrath Quest Spoiler

By: Savanja


Erollisi Day is easily my favorite holiday in Norrath. It's true, I'm a sucker for a box of candy and a heartfelt card just as most girls are, but even better yet are some nifty in game items for my character and my house!

I wanted to check out what the developers had in store for us this year, so I hopped into test to go have a look!

There doesn't seem to be quests for Kelethin, Neriak, or Gorowyn but I did note that they have NPCs that will port you to Antonica or Commonlands for the Erollisi events and quests at the big cities. In Kelethin, speak with Lucy Lovewing the Erollisi Day Promoter by the bank and she will send you to Antonica. In Gorowyn, you'll find Lucy on the bottom floor near the Timorous Deep teleporter and she will take you to The Commonlands. When you're done, just speak with Lucy again and she will send you back! You'll be able to do the big city Erollisi quests even if you're from the smaller hometowns.

Burynai Teddy Bear

**I searched high and low in Neriak to find Lucy to no avail. If someone happens to know where she is, please let me know!! Perhaps the city of Neriak is just too darned evil to celebrate anything to do with Erollisi?

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to run through the contests because it required 3 players to be ready to go and the test server was darn near naked! I'll be adding some info on that the moment it hits the live server. Until then, here are the walk throughs for the event quests, particularly helpful with the second quest which makes you repeat it if you don't get it right the first time!


Love Lines - Dalron Pinot in North Qeynos, near the zone to Antonica will teach you the ways of wooing! First, test out your skill on Brandi over in the bank. Next, try out your new skills on Rex at the Jewelry Box. Then on Alena in front of the priest temple. Finally, work your magic on Salty Joe on the small dock in the moat below the fighter faction area. Rico Suave yourself back to Dalron

It seems Dalron has a little trouble. He isn't the stud muffin he thought he was and one tasty lil nugget is resisting his affections! Head just west of Dalron and speak with Christina. Unfortunately, she isn't into him but she does what every women does in that situation, she lies to make him feel better! Return to Dalron and collect your gift for being mean!

Erollisi Cloak

For Freeport, Dalron is on the East Freeport dock. Brandi is up the ramp from the dock. Rex is across the road from Brandi. Alena is up the road further near the door to South Freeport. Salty Joe is on the dock next to the Sinking Sands carpet. Christina is on the 2nd floor of the Inn right next to the dock.

Reward: Dalron's pickup line book and either the Gaze of Erollisi or the Glare of Rejection. You can do the quest more than once and get both!


Find 'em a Find, Catch 'em a Catch - Priest Aaronilis Swornlove found in Antonica just outside North Qeynos, or Annalisa Swornlove outside of West Freeport send you to speak with many residents of the fine city to help with their matchmaking needs. Both cities have the same NPCs to speak with and the dialog is all the same. The matches go as follows (getting them wrong makes you repeat speaking with all of them!):

Zak and Lysndra. Tyluna and Colt. Amund and Vixxi. Marjorie and Beldrin.

Reward: Erollisi coins (to spend at the special Erollisi vendors) and your choice of a burynai bear or a cloak!

I had a lot of fun running through the Erollisi Day quests and checking out the goodies, I hope you all enjoy them too! Much love, hugs, and kisses to everyone in Norrath!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016