An Unknown Patron is an exotic weapon bounty to be introduced in the House of Wolves expansion. Upon completion, it awards the player with the Fate of All Fools, a powerful exotic scout rifle.

Unlike many of the other exotic bounties that usually incorporate strikes/ PvE content with the Crucible, An Unknown Patron’s objectives are all based in the crucible. For those unfamiliar with the Crucible, you may want to put in some practice time before beginning this bounty, or go for one that suits your play style better.

Step 1: Win 5 Crucible Matches

The first step of Unknown Patron is to take on the Crucible. You’ve got to win 5 Crucible matches of any type, so pick the one you are most comfortable with and get to it. This is as easy as the bounty gets, enjoy it while it lasts.

Step 2: Complete Feats of Skill in the Crucible

There is nota lot of information out on this park of the quest yet, but it most likely has to do with getting certain medals in the Crucible. We will update it when there is more information.

Step 3: Trade Motes of Light for Osiris Coins. Use those Coins to Compete in the Trials of Osiris

To complete this part of the bounty (the second test), you will have to either with 10 matches on a single coin, or win 25 total both will work. Losing 3 matches during your run will require you to use another coin to re-enter the Trials, and eliminate the chance of doing it in only 10 matches.

When you’ve completed one of the two options, head to the Bounty hunter for the third test.

Step 4: Perform Kills, Headshots and Killing Sprees with a Scout Rifle in the Crucible

The exact number of points you need is not yet known and will be updated when we get the information. It looks like any scout rifle will do, so pick the one you are most confortable with and hit the crucible. Your best bet is either clash or control because of their larger maps that favor the scout’s range and the plentiful amount of targets to shoot.

Step 5: Return to the Bounty Tracker

After completing the final test return to the Bounty Tracker and collect your prize, the Fate of All Fools Scout Rifle!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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