Sterling Treasure in Destiny contain a random selection of high end items such as the chroma shaders, and Spektar armor set. In fact, Sterling treasure chests are the only way right now to get the Spektar armor and chroma shaders so if you want to get your hands on one of the most styling looking armor sets, you’ve either got to shell out your real dollars to buy your Sterling Treasures from the Eververse Trading Co. or you can use these easy on the wallet methods to grab a few.

Note: Each of these methods are tracked by the account. You can only complete them one per week for all of your characters. No character farming possible here.

Participating in the weekly Crucible playlist – After the Tuesday reset each week you’ll be able to get one free Sterling Treasure for completing the weekly Crucible playlist. You don’t even need to win, just finish the game and it will be added to your inventory. The weekly crucible game mode changes each week, so be ready to take on a rumble, team death match, or any of the other crucible modes.

The Postmaster – Each week after the reset you’ll be able to grab a free Sterling Treasure from the postmaster free of charge and without having to complete any form of task whatsoever. There’s no catch, so be sure to grab it before the next weekly reset because the postmaster will only hold one at a time. He wont save them for you if you forget to collect one.

Level 41 Prison of Elders – Just like the previous two methods, you can complete the level 41 prison of elders run once per week after the reset to collect a Sterling Treasure as one of your rewards. This is the easier of the elder’s activities (the more difficult one being the challenge of the elders), with the only reward being the Sterling Treasure. If you’re not in need of a Sterling Treasure, you may want to skip this one as the other rewards gained from it aren’t that amazing.

Currently these are the only three methods of gaining Sterling Treasures without spending real cash. That being said, if you really want to accelerate your Sterling Treasure gains, the in game purchase route will no doubt get you there much faster, but the cost is not cheap. Each Sterling Treasure will run you 200 Silver.

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Last Updated: Apr 25, 2016

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