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To complete the series of level 20 armor quest guides, we have armor quests
for the chain and plate wearing classes.  These series of quests provide
great experience, and nice armor for nothing more than a little effort and maybe
a few friends.  The quests are meant to be done in legs, progressing as you
wish to.  I've know some that pound out all six quests within days, and
others that work on them over weeks or months!  Either way, you find that
these quests are very worth your time and effort to complete, and the armor will
last you through many levels.  You do need to be at least level 20 to be
able to start these series of quests.


Freeport Chain and Plate Armor Quests

For the evil side armor quests, you will be starting in East Freeport with
Dyric Pire (loc -134, -36, 54).  Your quests will be taking you into the
Commonlands, Fallen Gate, Edgewater Drains, and Nektulos Forest.  As you
progress, the quests will become more difficult, some being reasonably
solo-able, others more than likely needing a group, especially if you are trying
to complete all of these in your early 20s.


"Custom Fitted Armor - Part I" - Dyric first sends you into
the Commonlands to retrieve grave dust from 18 fallen guardians, and he asks you
to deliver a message to Anders Blackhammer.  The fallen guardians are found
at the Ruins of Val'Marr (loc +490, -55, +395). Reward: 

"Custom Fitted Armor - Part II" - Dyric sends you to get 6 pieces of ethereal plate from Thexian Dragoons and 12 pieces of uncorroded metal from Thexian excavators. Both are in the same location a little bit outside of the Fallen Gate (1374.75, -37.72, -175.78). You will then need 8 cutthroat rings from the Dervishes (any dervish will count. 1276.73, -33.37, -93.79), these can be found in the Yapping maze.  Reward: 
Forearm piece.

"Custom Fitted Armor - Part III" - Dyric now sends you to Nektulos Forest to harvest 12 ash viper hearts, which can be found on either side of the road leading from the beach (239, 0, -448). Then 12 Ash Shriller wings. The Ash Shrillers are at the end of the path from the beach next to the river (-72, 0, -340).  
Reward: Boots.

"Custom Fitted Armor - Part IV" - Dyric now sends you off to
the Edgewater Drains to do some mob slaying.  You will need 12 Drudge Mucus for some acidic mucus, 12 Contaminated Rats and 10 vipers for their fangs. The best way to go in is through the entrance to the top level of the Edgewater Drains located in the Serpent Sewers. Right where you spawn in you'll find the Drudge Mucus (33, 32, 1). Next you'll need to kill 12 Contaminated Rats which are around the entrance to the second level of the Edgewater drains from the Serpent Sewers (71, 16, -62) You will then need to make your way down to the lower area of the Edgewater Drains to find Sewer Vipers.(87, 2, -121).   Reward:
Shoulder piece.

"Custom Fitted Armor - Part V" - And we are now off to
Nektulos Forest!  Dyric wishes for you to kill 12 Deadly Rumbleroots which are found close to the Owlbears (-713.89, 67.22, 122.00). 12 followers of Grelkor located
at the top of N'Marr's Ascent along the ledge (loc -548, +60, -1290). 10 claws from the Blood Shrillers. These can be found on the path leading from the docks to the forest on both sides of the road (138.19, 1.91, -465.55). Finally, you need the Thexian Vin Chosen who hang out in a thexian camp a little ways off of the Darklight Woods entrance (-1349.73, 24.74, -1357.47).  Reward: Leggings

"Custom Fitted Armor - Part VI" - On your last mission,
Dyric sends you back to the Nektulos Forest.  This time, you will be
killing 18 mist grinning savages found along the river (loc +172, +2,
-650).  12 elder ash owlbears, found not too far from the previous Rumbleroots (loc
737, 76, 181).  14 vials of Bloated Soul Leech essences. These can be found all up and down the river (-884.86, 1.49, -676.83). And finally, kill the named mob
Obere Warrain, who spawns on the southeastern end of the beach near the
docks.  Reward: Chest piece.

Congratulations on completing your level 20 armor quest!  Enjoy that new


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