the master of life in PvE, you are the holder of life and death in
PvP.  You are the Global Agenda Medic class, and it is
entirely up to you whether to be a savior to your team, or a scourge to
the enemy.  Your potent toxins can keep you and your team
alive through certain death, and condemn opponents to a slow, painful
demise.  Which path will you choose? 


Healing Specs - The


One way or another, you are
expected to heal.  If someone is crippled, your team doesn't
care if you're 7 points deep into poisons and using a 4 point
weapon.  They are going to run around you, mash the crouch
button like a classy Halo or Call of Duty player, or die flailing their
limbs reaching out for a heal.  Do yourself a favor and just
press your healing button and get the job done to prevent the
inevitable whining that will happen if that person dies without
receiving a drop of healing. 


If you're actually going to focus on healing though, you have to figure
out how you want to do it.  90% of medics will be wielding the
Biofeedback Beam for the health return it gives you, and 90% of medics
are correct in doing this.  Your healing waves do not affect
you, and while your Healing Grenade and Regeneration skills are potent,
they're on high cooldown timers and will be down for some time after
activation.  This is fine on defense, especially on Payload,
because there will typically be a Healing Station nearby or another
medic to keep you in the game and dispel any debuffs.  On
offense though, the only person healing you will inevitably be you in
the end, and smart people will try to focus you before the targets in
front of you that you're healing.  This isn't to say that the
Boost Beam is bad.  If you have a pre-made team, for instance,
that Assault knows what he's doing and how to aim.  In cases
like that, the Boost Beam can produce results and you'll receive less
fire as a result because he or she is downing targets that much


That brings up another important topic: find a buddy.  As a
healer, you need a reliable target to heal.  If some retard is
charging into the open with turrets and drones wailing on him, there is
nothing you can do and if you chase him healing him you will likely die
about a second later than he does.  Watch how people play and
find the effective teammates to keep alive.  That's not to say
ignore everyone else, but prioritize them because they'll carry your
team, and protect you in the process.  Everyone does better
when a good Assault/Medic duo, or duos are leading the charge. 


Stay aware of the health displays in the top left.  If you
just saw someone and suddenly their health plummets, switch targets and
keep them up.    This is imperative on
point-based offense and defense in PvP since there will be multiple
skirmishes going on at the same time and there aren't enough medics to
go around, unlike organized AvA.  While it's wonderful to be a
pocket medic and it certainly helps the team, the two man wrecking crew
just doesn't cut it when a whole team is surrounding you at the capture


Do not be afraid to jetpack!  The moment a situation goes to
hell, or a recon has a sword at your neck, get out of there. 
Fly in front of your healed targets if you can't use voice to make them
aware that there is a threat behind them.  Find allies and get
them pumped full of the good stuff so they can take over where your
buddy failed before.  As a healing spec, you're likely not
running around with more than Poison Aura for offense, and most prefer
to use the Agony Gun to hinder targets to allow a fast kill or an
escape.  Don't bother trying to kill 1v1!

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You can't just watch healthbars in this.  Otherwise you'll
give new meaning to the WoW phrase 'don't stand in the fire'


Offensive Poisons
- The Scourge



We might as well call you a Toxinmancer if you go this route. 
Playing a Poison medic is fairly straightforward, but has some glaring
vulnerabilities such as dependence on your off-hands.  You
excel at two things in particular -- capture point offense, and recon


A running joke in GA is that no one gets on the capture
points.  Against you, there's a good reason for
that.  As a poison medic you'll be rolling with Poison Aura IV
and Poison Grenade IV almost always.  Hurling a grenade into
the defense like a shot-put, then running headlong and hitting Poison
Aura will seal the fate of anyone without healing.  The major
downside to this is debuff cleansing.  As good of a crowd
killer as this combo is, you're not killing anyone with a Medical
Station nearby.  The station will negate the DOT with a good
chance to purge it off entirely.  Most medics prefer the
healing waves with additional effects, and these waves do not dispel
your toxins.  Keep this in mind; if you see medics covering
their allies in shields and buffs, you know you can go to work on them
with poisons regardless of the medic. 


Since the Pain Gun has a painfully short range of 75 ft... okay stop
groaning.  Since the range is awful, and the poison aura can't
hit anyone outside of pretty much point blank, you excel against those
unable to fight at point blank range.  Wrecking Recons and AOE
Assaults is a joy that only the Poisons Medic can experience. 
Recons find themselves unable to escape your wrath due to the DOT
effects ruining complete stealth, and since very few people take the
Recon off-hand that cleanses themselves, are pretty much at your mercy
unless they're an amazing shot in close combat.  The key to
using the Pain Gun is to stay just outside melee range. 
You'll do high damage and be completely immune to melee retaliation,
forcing Assaults to blow themselves up or attempt to fly
away.  Don't try this against Minigun/Inferno Cannon
Assaults!  They're one of the best types to fight off Poison
Medics if they avoid your grenade, and will always win a straight up
battle if they have any semblance of aim. 


You still will need to heal, and this is where the Delivery System
medic weapons come into play.  Tapping your teammate with one
and switching back to offense is highly effective and keeps you doing
what you need to be doing--poisoning people.  You aren't going
to keep anyone alive through withering barrages of fire, but not only
do you not have the healing skill tree bonuses (It's a bad tree, but
some of them are quite good), you won't have a level 4 healing
weapon.  Taking a level 4 poison aura, grenade, and gun are
pretty much required since your focus is purely offensive and these are
you toys to do it with.  Stick to the needle gun heal types,
and stick to giving enemies an overdose! 


The play styles of the Medic in both roles are radically different, and
help to make this the most diverse class in Global Agenda. 
Whether you choose to show your allies love, or show your enemies the
way back to the drop ship, you'll find a lot of fun to be had in each
choice.  There's one final piece of advice to give you:
re-skin and recolor your armor!  Normally such cosmetic
effects are silly and pointless, but the default medic armor and color
scheme stick out like a sore thumb and will direct more bullets your
way than if you had otherwise.  Now you're ready for action,
so get out there and heal somebody!  No, that just sounds lame
so let's try that again.  Get out there and poison
somebody--much better.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016