lang="RU">You don't
have to be an aiming all-star to
dominate in PvE in Global Agenda. Your targets move fairly predictably
and like
to come at you from the front at almost all times. On top of that,
bosses are
slow, lumbering, and generally don't move around a whole lot either.
This all
adds up to one badass class for those high style="">- lang="RU"> and max style="">-s lang="RU">ecurity runs style="">-- lang="RU">the Robotics.

Why, you ask? Well, a style="">t lang="RU">urret is permanent, puts out very high
damage, but is completely
immobile. More importantly, the AI doesn't react to coming under fire
from one
like a player does. All of your deployables provide outstanding buffs
to those
nearby, making tough encounters doable. Perhaps the most important part
all of
these function style="">s lang="RU"> independently of you. You are free to fly,
dodge, and fire as your
robotic assistance puts up a barrage or keeps your Assault in the game.

Obvious bonuses aside, let us delve into the glory that is the Robotics
in PvE

Huge, durable
Force Fields

Yes, from
day 1 you have one of the best skills to use on the
battlefield against the Commonwealth. The AI, especially bosses, will
rarely if
ever charge a force wall or your boost. This can give you over 30
seconds of
freedom for you and your friends to lay into
style="">your lang="RU"> opponents. Force Wall essentially acts as
Perfect Target style="">that lang="RU">you can fire out of against ranged targets
and style="">it lang="RU">is rarely taken down at
level IV except by large barrages of fire. There are a couple things to
keep in
mind when using these to maximize their effectiveness

Anyone can pass through, but you can
limit entry by body-blocking Elite Assassins and anyone else who thinks
have permission to enter. Just be careful not to exit the field
yourself and
expose yourself to what is probably certain death style="">. lang="RU">

You cannot place a turret within your
Boost Dome Forcefield. However, you can deploy your turret, immediately
your boost, and construct it ignoring the outside world. If things go
resetting your team's defenses might be otherwise impossible if you
coordinate a mass deploy and put this up to ensure it has ample time to
finish style="">. lang="RU">

Don't always use these to save
yourself. They can be used to save others and create safe zones to
signal your
allies to move forward and reinforce that position.

lang="RU"> href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 520px; height: 390px;" alt=""

the placement covering the right flank with the box.  While
rare, the AI will sometimes outflank your toys if you're not


style="">. lang="RU"> Ah
yes, high damage
per second and you don't have to lift a finger besides
robotic arm to get it done and killing things. The turret you choose is
important, but not crucial to base your offense around. Remember you
can switch
at any given time in the dropship. If you're going for a more offensive style=""> rush
of a run, the Personal Turret is
likely your best choice style="">; style="">i lang="RU">t has by far the fastest
build time and shortest cooldown, ensuring your flanks are firmly
covered by
the 180 degree firing angle. Placing it behind walls and around corners
negate it's major weakness--a puny 65 style="">foot lang="RU"> range. The optimum turret for the final
can depend on the terrain of the map and the general distances
involved. Sometimes
you'll want the Autocannon for its medium range and high fire rate, and
sometimes you'll want the Rocket Turret to put down clusters of
from long range. There are some things to remember with turrets though :

Don't put one up under fire. A stray
shot will blow it up faster than you can press 3 to pull out your

  style="background: red none repeat scroll 0% 50%; -moz-background-clip: initial; -moz-background-origin: initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: initial;"> lang="RU">You have to protect them carefully when
Elite Assassins are sighted.  Keeping them revealed is
incredibly important as they usually panic
and will not throw their devastating EMP Bomb. This will almost always
an area of deployables, and if it doesn't kill them or you, it will
stun you as
well and make you fodder for everything else style="">. lang="RU">

Placement is extremely important in
boss fights. In style="">h lang="RU">igh and style="">m lang="RU">aximum style="" lang="RU"> lang="RU">security you need to cover the enemy spawn
points as well if possible,
so your turret can help keep the enemy numbers low when the boss is not
range. This way, your turret is at least denying the enemy the ability
to flank
if the boss is not targetable. Destroying those pesky Alarm Responders
quickly as possible is what your little metal friend does best style="">. lang="RU">


lang="RU">The power of these largely resides in style="">their lang="RU"> placement. They need
to be accessible but not targetable. Healing Stations are almost always
along, Power Stations can be useful with Assaults, and Sensors are
rarely taken
but can make for a very useful 1 point off-hand to buff to your turret
and the
vicinity. They're not impregnable though, and need to be guarded.
there are a few tricks up our sleeves with these:

The pulsing aura goes through walls
and the range is not affected by this. This goes for Healing, Power
and Sensors alike. This makes a healing station behind a corner alcove
wonderful thing, and can keep people alive forever with a level 4
version and
the appropriate skills.

Sometimes you'll have enemies single
out and target them. This is frustrating when it's a little robot you
dispatch in time. This can be a wonderful wonderful thing if it's a
though, as your deployables are generally off cooldown by the time
targeted and destroyed in boss fights, and you just basically wasted
seconds of the boss's time which probably involves your whole team
laying into

Do not be afraid to drop these every
time they are up as you advance in Max Security. Shit can go wrong way
than you can get setup, and having a place to retreat to and regroup
unexpected boss problems arise can save the run.

robotics is the undisputed master
of PvE for fulfilling all roles necessary to win--healing, and raw
damage. You
might ask about a Tank, but tanking is a non-issue when the blows
incoming can
be evaded skillfully and not with style="">a lang="RU"> roll of the dice like virtually every
MMORPG out there these days. Every
style="">m lang="RU">ax security
group will have at least one, usually two, and a good one can make a
impossible run plausible. style="">



your load-out with
your fellow Robotics, as multiple stations of the same type are
generally not
very effective. The one major exception is Healing Stations. 3 Robotics
can put
up Healing Stations behind a wall and get healed for over 1000 hp a
second. This
is as close to invincibility as you'll get in this game. It's a
feeling, and it's wonderful to be a Robotics assaulting the

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016