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AFS Command heard rumors that a living Eloh is in Concordia Palisades. Hidden somewhere in this region is a secret area that could be the home of the Eloh. Thanks to your hard work, there may be a map to lead the AFS there. It's time for you to Enter the Vale.

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Pieces of the Puzzle

Your Eloh Vale access quest begins with Base Cmdr. Matlin in Cumbria Research Facility at -514,142,722. She reminds you that it's an AFS top priority to get the location of Eloh Vale. You must retrieve 2 pieces of a map, and recover the keystone. This 3 part series involves Commander Jayjack in Divide Foreas Base, Lt. Cisco in Divide's Torcastra Prison and the Wardens of Eloh Temples in Palisades.

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A Bridge Too Far!

Mining for Information

You receive this mission from Base Commander Marquette inside Divide's Foreas Base Headquarters. You need to find the information inside the Timora Mines Instance in the southern part of Concordia Divide. Follow this guide for help in progressing this mission. When you've finished Timora Mines, return to Foreas Base and receive Map Piece 1 from Commander Jayjack.

The Keymaster of Torcastra

Lt. Cisco outside the command center in the Torcastra Prison Instance off Concordia Divide offers this mission. You must recover Airman Hamilton and retrieve any information he discovered. The Airman is near the end of this group instance, inside the main prison facility. Read through the Torcastra Prison Guide for help in completing this portion. After exiting this instance, return to Base Cmdr. Matlin in Palisades Cumbria Research Facility and receive Piece 2 of the Eloh Vale Map.

Eloh Vale Temples

The series of Eloh Vale Temple missions will occupy most of your time in Concordia Palisades. The series begins with Temple Investigations from Cpt. Myles in Cumbria Research Facility. Follow the Temple Access Guide, then on to the Temple Instance Guide. Return to Base Cmdr. Matlin with the Keystone to complete Pieces of the Puzzle.

Invade Eloh Vale

Base Cmdr. Matlin in Cumbria Research Facility has received all the pieces to the puzzle, and now knows the coordinates for Eloh Vale. Time to head over to the dropship pad and join the other AFS soldiers rushing in. Find Corporal Hutchison at -823,139,655 who gives you Eloh Vale Transport. Your dropship is ready to go! Grab your squad, hop on the pad and get ready to enter the instance. Once inside you'll find Captain Brande waiting for you. He completes Invade Eloh Vale with a few credits and a weapon reward.

Before you leave the area, notice the computer terminal at -50,172,-463, and the nearby red flare. This is where you can call in a dropship to exit the instance at any time. Note that if you do leave before completing the instance, you will fail any missions you have not completed, and will need to return at a later time.

Captain Brande gives you the once over, and orders you to Report to Commander Jaxon. You may want to visit the nearby medic to repair your equipment before running Northeast through the ruins. Make your way through the Bane, up the stairs and then to the right to a cave entrance. As you proceed through the Vale, be on the lookout for Crates and Rotting Human Corpses to harvest for free supplies. As you exit the cave, you'll find a long rectangular pool, surrounded by more ruins. The ongoing fight is evident everywhere as you sneak up the pyramid steps to the right. Commander Jaxon waits to complete your mission and toss you a few grenades or med packs.

Provision Procurement

A dropship carrying supplies was shot down, and Cmdr. Jaxon wants you to find it. Follow a very enthusiastic Field Sgt. Garcia north down the side of the pyramid to Commander Smitts. He directs you and your new friend Garcia to follow Cpl Richardson east along a path and over a bridge. Sgt. Fesperman now points you toward another cave system, and the end of which waits Lt. Maxton. Jump down to the water and help her kill the incoming Bane. Speak to Lt. Maxton again, then back up to Commander Jaxon for a modification reward, and a new mission.


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So he Just Stands Here?

Time to jump across the pool to slow the Bane invasion. Remember that everywhere you go, there are plenty of Bane to slow your progress. Take yourself west across the pool to Vogren's Overlook at -160,156,-285. Get your first update here by "using" the targetable flare on the ground. Be prepared for a massive influx of Bane each time you update. The next flare is west at -249,136,-281, and your final update is found south at -233,135,-329. As soon as this last flare is placed, a cut scene will show the arrival of a tough Boss named Zangalor. Dispatch him and his friends to update your mission. Before you run back to Jaxon for your reward of some credits and armor, be sure to climb the nearby hills to retrieve Logos: These at -202,180,-182. (thanks, Steven!) NOTE: if you're having trouble taking on any of the Bane, try pulling them down to the pool area to get help from the AFS NPCs (thanks, FDerek!).

Crossing the Bridge

There has to be a way to stop this invasion, and the Forean Chla'bo may have the answers. Jaxon directs you down to the pool, and then north across the Eloh Bridge. The Bane have gotten smarter, and have dropped a few Striders in to the mix. Fight your way across the bridge to the Eloh Shield Gate, and find Chla'bo inside. Take the credits and tool he offers you, and wait as he catches his breath.

Sacrificial Lamb

Behind Chla'bo you see steps leading up to a giant blue forcefield, with a Forean body suspended inside. The shield draws its power from one with the power of logos. Chla'bo senses someone near with an ability strong enough to strengthen the shield. Find Lt. Whitman and see if he's willing to make the sacrifice. Fight back across the bridge to the ruins on your right. Whitman waits inside at -125,168,-239. You'll have to defend his life as you cross back over the Eloh Bridge, fighting off waves of Bane. Keep him alive through the 3 minute timer, then deliver him inside to Chla'bo for some credits and a weapon.

The Benefactor and Arieki

You've saved the Eloh Vale, and it's time to visit Gabriel. Chla'bo points you straight ahead through the force field, across another Eloh Bridge, and into the sanctuary of a living Eloh. His name is Gabriel, but he wears a dress - go figure. You get a small reward, and then embark on a long, clicky mission story called Arieki (perhaps they lost the war because they were busy pontificating). Finally your time has come to leave Concordia behind, and jump through the wormhole directly behind Gabriel (thanks, Odysseus). You arrive at Irendas Penal Facility (stop laughing) on Arieki. Head to the Command Center and take the lift up to Colonel Whitaker for your final reward. Congratulations on your successful journey to Arieki!

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