This is a detailed item and resource location guide. In it, we break down most of the different types of loot containers and what types of items are generally found inside them as well as general types of buildings that have different classes of loot and items in them. Once you know what you're after, you can utilize our handy World Atlas to find the kinds of locations to find the type of loot you need.

Building Types and Categories

    Special Buildings

There are several types of unique buildings that can be found in H1Z1. So far they are the Radio Station, the Fire Station, and the Police Station. There are only one of each of these locations so far in the game. The Radio Station is located on the highest western peak of the central mountain range. The Fire and Police Stations are both located in the Pleasant Valley city center. They have a few types of loot containers that can be found in other places, but they also have some rare loot that you generally won't find anywhere else.

    Industrial Buildings

These are found in lots of various locations around the map. Some examples would be warehouses, gas-stations, maintenance buildings, and auto-repair garages. They are typically bunched up together, but there are few that stand independent. Most types of loot you find in these locations consist of construction materials (lots of metal and lumber) as well as tools, pipes, and plastics.

    Commercial Buildings

Also found in many places around the map, commercial sectors consist of grocery stores, shopping stores, and other former places of business. Players can usually find lots of odds and ends at these locations. Usually plenty of food and clothes, with a decent mixture of different kinds of loot from Residential and Industrial buildings.

    Residential Buildings

By far the most numerous of all buildings, houses, apartments, and other residential buildings can be found everywhere around the world - even including secluded cabins out in the wilderness. These buildings are usually holding the most essentials of loot (cloth for bandages, food, water, a swath of smaller consumables recipe resources. They also frequently have attached garages - which are the perfect location to find vehicle parts.

    Campsite Locations

Campsites are very useful in that they usually offer a good mixture of weapons, clothing, food, water, and tools. They also feature plenty of wrecked vehicles, so you can occasionally find some industrial-type loot at them as well.

Loot Container Types and Items

Keep in mind nearly all loot containers have some amount of miscellaneous spawns in them. The list below will give the container type to the left followed by some of the regular item spawns that they typically hold. Last at each list will be a few of the usual loose items that can be found nearby.


Tool Boxes - Contain tools, tarps, lighters, and industrial spawns.
Wrecked Vehicles - Contain lighters, binoculars, and lots of Scrap Metal.
Storage Chests - Most varied of industrial loot spawns, a bit of everything.
Desks - Prime candidates for finding a pistol or different types of ammunition.
Filing Cabinets - Ground Coffee, Sugar, sometimes ammunition or a pistol.
Loose Items - Tools, Pipes, Crowbars, and Wood Planks, among other things.


Cabinets - Food, small recipe essentials like Sugar, Fertilizer, etc.
Countertops - Canned food, tools, sometimes small hand weapons.
Shelves - Technically not a loot container, usually food and clothing.
Dumpsters - Tarps, Plastic Bottles, Charcoal, lots of miscellaneous.
Crates - Can be smashed for Wood Planks
Desks - Prime candidates for finding a pistol or different types of ammunition.
Filing Cabinets - Ground Coffee, Sugar, sometimes ammunition or a pistol.
Loose Items - Mostly food, occasionally shotguns, pistols, ammunition.


Washer/Dryer - Typically only clothes.
Refrigerator - Sometimes meat, clean water, canned food.
Cabinets (Kitchen) - Food and food recipe items. Water, sometimes knives.
Cabinets (Bathroom) - Vitamins, medicine, First-Aid kits, small odds and ends.
Dressers & Armoires - Lots of clothing, occasionally a weapon or ammunition.
Car Garages - Kind of like mini-warehouses, Vehicle Parts are the unique items here.
Loose Items - Lots of clothing, food, water bottles, even hunting rifles not uncommon.


Wrecked Vehicles - Lots of metal, sometimes cloth, lots of miscellaneous type items.
Storage Chests - Ammunition, sometimes weapons, extra clothing, etc.
Dressers - Usually always clothing, occasional pistol or ammunition.
Loose Items - Canned food, MREs, Water Bottles, axes, machetes, other tools and misc.

Those are most of the major containers and essential items, be sure to check our world atlas map for building type indicators to see where you can find the loot you need.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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