Vehicles are a high value commodity on Battle Royale for a wide variety of reasons. For one they provide added protection, two they greatly increase your mobility, and three they act as another form of storage. Finding one however can be tricky business, especially with how much they stand out and the fact that everyone else on the map will be gunning for them.

First off, you’ll need to know where to find vehicles, and while their spawn location will be different every game, there are some hot spots you can check out. Police stations are usually a sure thing with each having at least one police car in the lot.

Apart from that you’ll want to check out an areas where there’s civilization. Groups of houses, grocery store parking lots, all have been known to spawn cars. Don’t run into the forest and expect to come across a jeep sitting there will a full tank of Biofuel.

If you want to add a little more accuracy to your vehicle search, there are some online tools to help. H1Z1DB has one that will give you the exact locations of the vehicle spawns, and some other helpful info.

Vehicle Strategy

You’ve got your ride and some Biofuel and you’re ready to win this thing, now what. Well just having the car gives you a large advantage over anyone who doesn’t so congratulations. The way in which you use it now comes down to your individual playstyle, but here are some general strategies and tips for using the car that you can’t go wrong with.

  • Don’t get shot. Vehicles are delicate things. Even a clips worth of M9 bullets is enough to deal heavy damage to a fully functional car.
  • Use your mobility to avoid heavy firefights. Let the other players kill each other while you use your car to stick near the gas for cover. When the cloud starts moving in, you’re high speed will allow you to stick deadly close to the toxic haze which will keep you out of the center of the safe zone, a terrible place to be.
  • Cars can be used for extra storage. Stow any extra gear in your car to save space in your inventory. Extra helmets and body armor are always useful but take up a lot of space. Throw them in the trunk.
  • Use your car for cover. It’s tough to take the hits, but when it comes down to living or losing your car, there’s no real contest.
  • Splatter kills. Do not forget the importance of the splatter kills. If you’ve got enough momentum, you can one hit kill pedestrians with your car, saving valuable ammunition and allowing you to stay safe in your whip.
  • Lock it up. When you jump out of your car to loot or go hunting, take a crucial piece of the car with you when you go so no one can just jump in it a race off while you’re not looking.

What are your favorite vehicle strategies for Battle Royale? Let us know in the comments!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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