Winning matches in Heroes of the Storm is all about understanding the different characters in the game and using each of them to the best possible effect. There are several different types of characters in the game including assassins, warriors, specialists, and support.  While characters fit into specific roles, each character plays very differently from the others and that is where this guide comes in.

Tassadar – Basics

Tassadar is a character from the Starcraft series of games and is a Ranged Support character.  Being support means he is not all out offense, nor all out defence.  He can deal damage but is not going to do as much an Assassin characters, nor can he compete with melee characters for survivability.  He does however offer a lot of control options and helps on defence for your team, while putting out decent damage.


  • Repeatable AOE that allows him to solo a lane
  • Has high burst damage late in the game
  • Can shield allies and structures


  • Low normal attack damage
  • No Crowd Control options
  • Very few real options for talents, especially the heroic abilities.

Cost: 5,500 Gold or $7.49 USD

Tassadar – Abilities

Plasma Shield (Q) [8 second cooldown] – Shields a target ally or structure, preventing some damage over the next 8 seconds.

Psionic Storm (W) [8 second cooldown] – Creates an AOE storm that deals damage to all enemies in it each second for 3 seconds.

Dimensional Shift (E) [20 second cooldown] – Turns you invisible and invulnerable for 1.5 seconds.

Force Wall (R) [12 second cooldown] – Creates a wall that limits the movement of players for 2.5 seconds.

Archon (R) [100 second cooldown] – Transforms you into an Archon granting you a shield, boosting your basic attacks, and causing them to deal splash damage to nearby enemies.  Lasts for 15 seconds.

Oracle (D) [30 second cooldown]– This ability greatly increases your vision radius and allows you to detect enemy heroes.  This ability lasts for 7 seconds.

Tassadar – Talents

Every hero in Heroes of the Storm has several talents that they gain access to as they level in each match.  Rather than look at every talent here, we will focus on the best at each level.

Level 1

There are two decent choices here, Overload or Conjurer’s Pursuit.  Overload increases the range of your Psionic Storm by 20% which allows you to play further back and be a little safer.  Conjurer’s Pursuit increases your mana regen by killing off the enemy wizards that spawn in the lanes.  It  does require you to be up front and killing the wizards though to gain it’s bonus, so some players do not care for it.

Level 4

A pretty simple choice here, Healing Ward.  This allows you to help out your group by planting a healing ward for any team fight, keeping them alive longer.

Level 7

Another fairly easy choice with Static Charge.  This applies static to all targets hit by your psionic storm that deals bonus damage the next time you hit them with your normal attack.

Level 10

At this level you gain access to either Archon or Force Wall., but there is really only one option here, Archon.  Archon gives you the ability to deal some heavy burst damage with a bit of splash damage and survivability.

Level 13

At this level you gain access to two decent options depending on your play style.  If you do not mind managing additional cooldowns and abilities, then Shrink Ray is the way to go.  This gives you a way to shut down high damage enemies for 4 seconds at a time on a 60 second cooldown.  It shuts them down my applying a 50% movement and damage debuff for that time.  If you are not comfortable with another cooldown to manage, then Distortion Beam can be used.  It slows enemies hit by your normal attacks by 20% for 1.5 seconds.  It is not as good, but being passive ensures that it gets used.

Level 16

This level gives you another great storm ability called Second Strike.  It allows you to cast a second Psionic Storm for free within 2 of the first cast.  While it doest deal damage to those affected by the other storm (meaning you can not overlap them), it allows you to setup bigger areas of denial to enemy players.

Level 20

Your top level talents have only one real option, which is the Twilight Archon since is helps you deal more damage and live longer.  It boosts your Archon’s shield by 50% and boosts the damage you deal.  If the battle is going really poorly for your team then Resurgence of the Storm may be worth picking up, but I never like betting on the fact that I am going to die.

Tassadar – Strategy

While playing as Tassadar your goal in the early game is to take control of a lane and solo it.  This means going to whichever lane has no one else from your team on it, or directing them to head elsewhere.  With Psionic Storm you can easily push the lane and keep minions at the opponents first set of towers.  While there you should use your Psionic Storm’s extended range to start taking your opponent’s Moonwell down to limit their recovery abilities.

Later in the game you can become more aggressive and start to go after more map objectives and mercenary camps will all of your damage abilities.  It is fairly easy for Tassadar to clear small mercenary camps all by himself, and on maps like Haunted Mines and Garden of Terror, you can grab skulls or seeds all by yourself.  You still need to be careful though as you can go down quickly if caught alone, so keep using Oracle often and keep dimensional shift off cooldown so that you can escape quickly. 

When going in on a team fight, make sure you use your psionic strom to setup your damage and then shift over to Archon form to help finish off opponents that your team are focussing on.  When enemies try to flee from group fights with low health you can help kill them off with the extended range of your storms.

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To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Heroes of the Storm Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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