Farming Legendary Marks is one of the best ways to get your hands on some legendary gear. Previously Legendary Marks were known as two different types of currency, the Crucible Marks and the Vanguard Marks. Things are a lot simpler now with only one type of Mark you can use to purchase Crucible gear, Vanguard gear and even Faction Gear.

Costs for the legendary items will vary slightly depending on what vendor you’re purchasing from. In most cases a legendary weapon costs 150 Legendary Marks while a piece of armor runs 125.

Luckily there are lots of ways to farm legendary marks so if you do get board of one method you can switch over to another without losing much in the way of mark income.

There is no weekly maximum to the amount of Legendary Marks you can gather, but you can only hold a max of 200 in your inventory at one time. You must be lvl 40 before you can start farming Legendary Marks.

  • The Crucible offers a daily crucible playlist that rewards 15 Legendary Marks for completing it. This is an account wide completion, meaning you can only do it once a day for all of your characters.
  • Daily Story Missions operate the same way as the daily crucible playlist and reward an additional 15 marks for their completion. (Account Wide)
  • Weekly Heroic Strikes offer 10 Marks for their completion. They can however be completed by multiple characters for the reward, something that can’t be done with the daily story and crucible rewards.
  • Dismantling Legendary Gear gives around 5 Marks per piece of gear, but the gear must be Year 2. Year 1 legendary gear will not yield any marks when dismantled.
  • Quests can have legendary marks as rewards, particularly the Taken War quests. Check your quest screen to see what rewards you will receive for a quests completion.

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Last Updated: May 04, 2016

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