Ranking up fast in Star Wars Battlefront is important for a couple of reasons. For starters, ranking up unlocks access to new and powerful Star Cards and weapons that can greatly increase your effectiveness and lethality in battle. Second, ranking up allows you to customize your appearance. Strike fear into the enemy by appearing as a Scout Trooper or Twi’lek.

While pretty much any activity that you perform in Battlefront will progress you to higher ranks, there are some methods you can use to make the process go faster, allowing you earlier access to the best weapons, star cards and skins.


Challenges are often overlooked in Battlefront because they’re hidden away inside the Stat menu option. You will have three challenges active at all times which will award you with a large bonus of credits and experience when completed.

Challenges can come in many varieties. Some will require you kill a certain amount of a certain type of enemy. Others want you to win a certain amount of game modes to be completed. If you’re given a challenge that you really don’t like and can never see yourself completing, it can be exchanged for another random one by spending credits.

Fighter Squadron

Not many players favorite mode, the pluses of the fighter squadron game type when it comes to experience are it’s rather short run time, and the ability to farm AI opponents for easy experience points.

If you’re good on the sticks you can quickly rack up some serious experience playing fighter squadron. Killing actual players will net you more experience each kill, but the AI opponents are so easy to kill and only about half the health of a player ship meaning you can farm them very quickly.

Just be sure not to get too spaced out farming AI ships. The actual players on the enemy team will find you an easy target.


The get their own category for experience at the end of each match for a reason. Going for objectives is a great source of easy experience, and is often awarded for simply picking something up or shooting at a giant target like the AT-AT or transport ship.

Going for objectives also has the added benefit of helping your team achieve victor, which of course comes with an experience bonus of its own!

Always go for Power Ups

Whether it’s a vehicle or a star card, power ups are always useful. Vehicles especially have the power to rack up massive amounts of kills in a relatively short amount of time. When playing as the Empire, keep a lookout for the AT-AT token (Walker Assault) or the AT-ST. Both have very powerful AoE attacks that can wipe entire squads off the map in the blink of an eye.

Of course there’s always the chance that you could run across a hero token which is a whole other story. Having a good run as a hero character can easily net you into the multiple thousands of experience on its own. The millennium falcon and slave I in fighter squadron are especially potent, allowing you to grab over 10k experience in a single 10 minute game if you know what you’re doing.

Practice Your Game

Star Wars Battlefront loves successful players and it awards them greatly for it. Win a game and you get bonus experience. Go on a spree with any form of weapon and you get bonus experience. Get a multi-kill and you get bonus experience. You get the idea.

The better you can get at Battlefront, the faster you’ll start seeing the experience come in. When you’ve gotten to a certain point where you can unlock the better weapons and Star Cards, reinvest all the hard work to make yourself even deadlier.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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