Star Wars Battlefront’s Star Cards are the primary means by which you outfit and customize your soldier for battle. You can think of it as exactly the same as any other games weapon/ ability outfitting options, only they’ve been put on cards and given a cooldown.

Before you jump into to battle you’ll have to pick a hand of cards. Each hand is made up of 3 cards: two regular star cards, and one charged star card. You won’t have immediate access to the cards however, you’ll need to spend credits and meet the required minimum level before you’ll be able to add them to your collection. Once in your collection, star cards can be swapped in and out of your hands at will.

Star Cards

The regular star cards are primarily weapons, but also include other helpful items like smoke grenades and the rocket pack. You can hold up to two star cards in your hand at a time.

  • Thermal Detonator – (lvl 2 / 650 credits) The Star Wars version of the standard grenade. This is a timed explosive that does heavy AoE damage.
  • Scout Pistol – (lvl 3 / 650 credits) A high powered short range pistol that only has a limited amount of shots before it must recharge. A great accompaniment for when your main weapon is geared towards long range battle.
  • Ion Torpedo – (lvl 4 / 650 credits) Fires an Ion torpedo that can track its target. Works great against flying and ground based targets alike.
  • Pulse Cannon – (lvl 5 / 1700 credits) The premier sniper tool in Battlefront. The Pulse Cannon can one shot most enemies with a full charge. Hold down the fire button o charge it up to maximum. Only good for one shot before it has to cooldown.
  • Impact Grenade – (lvl 6 / 1700 credits) Just like the thermal detonator, only this explosive detonates on impact. Great for long range tosses and when you have a direct line of sight on your target.
  • Ion Grenade – (lvl 9/ 2300 credits) A timed explosive capable of dealing heavy damage to vehicles and turrets. Use it to quickly take down enemy defenses.
  • Homing Shot – (lvl 11 / 2300 credits) A high powered shot that locks onto and tracks the enemy target. Great over long distances.
  • Jump Pack – (lvl 13 / 3100 credits) Used to quickly traverse the battlefield and clear areas that are filled with rubble or other obstructions. Also great for escaping imminent death when surrounded.
  • Smoke Grenade – (lvl 16 / 3100 credits) Lay down cover with a thick blanket of smoke. The smoke also has the added benefit of blocking any targeting computers, preventing missile locks.
  • Flash Grenade – (lvl 20 / 3100 credits) Emits a powerful bang and bright flash when it detonates. Use to disorient enemies around corners or in tight corridors.
  • Barrage – (lvl 24 / 3100 credits) Equips the MPL-57 grenade launcher which can fire three round bursts of timed grenades. Perfect for clearing out entire groups of enemies, especially if they’re dug in to their defenses. Can fire one burst before needing to recharge.
  • Cycler Rifle – (lvl 28 / 3100 credits) The closest thing you’ll find to a good old fashioned gun powder rifle, the Cycler fires solid bullets that can go straight through enemy shields. Also great at picking off targets at long range.
  • Bowcaster – (lvl 32 / 3100 credits) The weapon of choice for Wookies, the Bowcaster fires a special explosive bolt of energy that does heavy AoE damage to its target and any other enemies in the immediate area. The Bowcaster can be charged for more damage much like the Pulse Cannon.
  • Bodyguard – (lvl 15 / 7000 credits) Decreases the amount of explosive damage you receive.
  • Survivalist - (lvl 15 / 7000 credits) Increases health regeneration.
  • Scout - (lvl 15 / 7000 credits) Removes your signature from the enemies scanners for sprinting and firing your primary weapon, depending on your rank.
  • Bounty Hunter - (lvl 26 / 7000 credits) Gives a chance at receiving a power up after each kill.
  • Sharpshooter - (lvl 26 / 7000 credits) Each kill reduces the cooldowns on your star cards.

Charged Star Cards

These cards are mainly short term buffs to your stats and whatever weapon you happen to be carrying. The also consume a charge each time they are used. You can find charges in the form of the floating blue tokens with a lightning symbol on them, spread around the battlefield.

If you can’t find any tokens, they can also be purchased from the shop (although they are a bit expensive).

  • Cooling Cell – (lvl 7 / 1700 credits) Prevents your main weapon from overheating for a short period of time. If you know you’re about to get into a big firefight, it may be a good time to pop this bad boy.
  • Ion Shot – (lvl 10 / 1700 credits) Changes your main weapon so that it fires Ion energy for a short period of time. Use this whenever you are fighting a lot of vehicles or need to take down enemy shields.
  • Focus Fire – (lvl 11 / 1700 credits) Provides a short buff to the accuracy of your weapon. Pair this with a high range blaster rifle to make it a pseudo sniper rifle.
  • Scan Pulse – (lvl 13 / 1700 credits) Reveals all nearby enemies when activated. Great for interior battles where the enemy could be hiding around the next corner.
  • Explosive Shot – (lvl 18 / 1700 credits) Your primary weapons energy bolts will now explode on impact for a short period of time. Again, another good one to use when you’re getting into a heavy firefight, especially if it’s in tight quarters and the enemy is packed tightly together.
  • Personal Shield – (lvl 22 / 1700 credits) Equips your trooper with a shield for a short period of time, blocking most enemy damage. This paired with the jump jet give you the perfect escape option.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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