Interview with Antonia Bayle

By: Coyotee Sharptongue

Some are thrust into the role, unprepared as they plod on, learning
with each
new day. Others are seemingly born into such a role, and through
nobility of
both presence and spirit they take the reigns of Chaos and steer us all
the bright and hopeful future. This is Coyotee Sharptongue for Casters
News, bringing you the true story.” A large Kerra holding a microphone
through a lavish throne room as he smiles into the camera. style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Arial Unicode MS";">

me today is none other than our Queen herself, Antonia Bayle, who
overwhelming grace and generosity has allowed us this exclusive
Coyotee smiles as he approaches the elegant figure of Antonia Bayle,
gracefully upon a large golden throne.

Queen.” Coyotee bows slightly in greeting. “I thank you for granting
all of
Norrath the honor of this interview.”

Bayle smiles gently and with a nod of her regal head motions for him to

since my interview with Overlord Lucan D’Lere have I-“ He begins only
to be cut
off by a squeal of delight from Antonia.

My. GAWD.” She grins, her mouth all but hanging open. “You talked to
She fawns as the Kerran reporter raises a furry brow in surprise.

Yes. I interviewed him last week.” He confirms as she squeaks in

UP! Isn’t he just like SO HOT?” She asks rhetorically slapping Coyotee
on the
chest for emphasis.

..yes. I..suppose so.” Coyotee responds with a frown as he looks
rubbing his chest.

suppose? Come ON.” She drawls, curling her feet up behind her on the
“He so TOTALLY has that bad boy thing going on, and the pony tail?” She
her self back in the throne as she fans herself.

looks around in confusion before turning back to Antonia.

sorry, but I thought you two hated each other? Cities at war and all of
He finally asks as he tilts his head in curiosity..

“I should
hate him.” Antonia leans on the arm of her throne scowling. “Can I ask
you a
question?” She asks, resting her head on her arm.

Coyotee stammers, not used to the role reversal.

is it that if you give cards and flowers and poems people call it
love?” She
sighs dreamily.

love to some people –“ Coyotee starts only to be cut off.

when you go through their garbage cans looking for old bandages and
hair so
that you can make a skin mask, so that even when you are like,
separated, a
piece of him can always be touching, like a piece of YOU,
signifying that
your two souls, although seperated by distance are always and forever
its called Stalking?” She grumbles as Coyotee stares slack jawed at her.

Freeport. Stupid
orders. People only file them to encourage you, you know.” She lectures
waggling a perfectly manicured finger.

I know he loves me, because like I did this spell, and like called the
and stuff, and even carved his name in my arm with a piece of broken
glass." She explains as she shows the soft white underbelly of her arm,
the name "Lucan" red and raw among dozens of faint white scars.

and Qeynos..the war..” Coyotee stammers, his mind reeling.

warring cities, a tale of woe and romance...' Antonia
sighs dreamily. 'You
know..a modern day Romero and Jilliette.' She smiles as

focuses back on the large Kerran.

you mean 'Romeo and Juliet'?' Coyotee asks slightly frustrated.

MY. GAWD. YOU KNOW THEM? What a SMALL world!' She gushes as she slaps
him in
the chest once more.

are SO cute, although if you ask me Jill’s had a little ..” She
finishes her
sentence by injecting her forehead with an imaginary needle.

stares at her in stunned disbelief , his hand rubbing his chest once
more as
she smile cheerily back.

IDEA EVER!” She screams causing him to jump back several feet as she
spins in
the throne, quickly sitting upright.

words. Oh my gawd. SLUMBER party!” She squeals clasping her hands.

Coyotee echoes, obviously not following.

can stay up late and do each others hair, because between you and I,
you would
look RAVISHING with ribbons.” She grins as she leans forward. “And you
can tell
me ALL about your interview with Lucan, and every thing he said right
down to
the teensiest tiniest detail!” She finishes with delight.

Queen, I am honored, but I have to decline your offer. I have duties
that require my attention.” Coyotee tries to explain as Antonia frowns.

So badly NOT a request.” She motions towards the throne room
doors which
are quickly closed. Two large and heavily armed guards stand in front
of the
now sealed exit.

looks between the armed guards and the gushing Antonia and sighs before
back to the camera. 

Its burden heavy for any, and while bared through gritted teeth and
back by most…” He looks back at the Queen who holds up a large box of
with an insane grin. “It..can obviously take its toll on others. For
Realm News, this is Coyotee Sharptongue bringing you the –“ His wrap up
is cut
off by a squeal as Antonia holds up two pieces of brightly colored

or Lace?” She inquires causing the large Kerran to sigh.

“Bringing complete and utter humiliation. Back to you Tom and Diane.” He
as the camera slowly fades to black amidst squeals of delight.

Pink will SO badly bring out your eyes.”

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