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The necromancer. The darkest of all Norrath mages, these black magicians command the dead to devastate all who foolishly come between the necromancer and his whims. As necromancy is banned by order of Queen Antonia Bayle in all lands that she holds thrall, practitioners of deathcraft must become part of Freeport's citizenry, in league with Overseer Lucan D'Lere or take refuge with those who reside in Neriak or Gorowyn. Qeynosian or Kelethin summoners who wish to call forth the dead may do so, but must align with one of the evil cities by means of betrayal anytime after the 10th level.

This guide is designed to help the young necro through their career, starting with those early days in the newbie lands, and following you through to the ripe old age of level 80. You'll find everything you need here to be a successful master of the undead!

A Quick Tour

Section 1: Necromancer Basics explores choices you'll make early in the game, and how best to fight once you begin receiving your pet spells. Section
2: Spell List & Training Spells
presents all the spells you'll receive as you progress in level (except for Creature Mastery and Racial Traits). Section
3: Methodology
offers some hints as to which spells to upgrade, and provides an in-depth analysis of your spell lines. Finally, Section
4: Where to Hunt
suggests (you guessed it!) some favorite hunting grounds while soloing or in a group.

If achievement info is what you are looking for, we have both of the Necromancer and Summoner achievement trees. Keep a look out in the future for achievement advice specifically for this class, coming soon!


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Last Update:

  • 04.17.08 (guide updated!)

To-Do List:

  • More combat information for the Methodology section

Thanks for reading the TTH Necromancer Guide! If you have any comments, drop me a line! Happy necromancy!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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