New Halas finally making its way in game, the world of Norrath is buzzing with the news that lands have been found. Rumored to be a
gift from Mithaniel Marr himself, some brave adventurers have set out to find
the truth of these whispered stories.

To seek out the truth for yourself, speak with the representatives found in North Qeynos at the Temple of Life,
in Kelethin
on the platform near broker Almilla Sumac, in West Freeport from a "harassed
barbarian" near Blood Haze Inn, just through the entrance in Neriak, or from a
tormented barbarian on the Gorowyn dock.

A Vision of Valor

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Walk the clouds with the valorous deity, Mithaniel!

Seek out the Sisters of Erollisi, found on the docks in
Everfrost. They tell you a story of a forlorn Mithaniel who has been grieving
for his sister Erollisi but express that something has been different. The
Sisters tell you that changes have been felt in Norrath but aren’t sure what it
could mean. They’ve asked that you travel to certain locations that are closely
associated with Marr to look for anything unusual.

Check the statue of Marr near the Freeport Station griffon
tower in the Commonlands. (/waypoint -595, -49, -636)

Check the Keep of Marrfist near the Hidden Canyon Station
griffon tower. (/waypoint 628, -46, 705) You’ll spot a few valerian blooms on
the ground and you’ll want to gather one as a sign of something odd. Return this
back to the Sisters of Erollisi.

The blooms are uniquely special, said to only grow when
Marr’s essence touches the soil, indicating that Mithaniel has been in Norrath.
The Sister will ask that you return to where the valerians were found to plant
pomegranate to symbolize the fallen Marr sibling, Erollisi.

Return to the location. You will find a small mound of dirt
on the ground (/waypoint 624, -46, 701), click the dirt to plant the seeds then
use the flask of water in your inventory. You will be immediately transported
into a vision of Mithaniel Marr. In this vision you will listen in on him
talking to himself about his sister and about his plans to build a new Halas to
honor Erollisi’s memory. Return this information back to the Sisters in

You tell the Sisters of what you have seen and they reward
you with experience and a book entitled “Journal of a Disciple of Marr” for your
reading enjoyment. The real reward though? Walking the clouds with Mithaniel

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016