Looking for a place to live in Norrath? With easy citizenship changes in
EverQuest II, there are options for the discerning home hunter. Good aligned
players can choose from Qeynos, Kelethin, and New Halas while evil aligned
players have Freeport, Neriak, and Gorowyn available to them.

How do you choose a home? Price and size are both reasonable considerations.
One room apartments are perfect for the new player but they don't offer much in
the way of vault and vendor slots if you happen to be big on selling things from
your room. You'll also want to choose a house that is in a convenient location.
A big and wonderful house doesn't do you any good if you never go there because
it's out of the way.

More expensive housing tends to be, not only in a better location, but also
much bigger making them great for the veteran player. You can cut down some of
the coin cost by choosing a home that also uses status in addition to currency
in combination with plenty of rent status reduction furniture items. Be aware
though, some of the bigger houses require guild membership. There are generally
non-guild versions but these will also cost more in coin.

You can find a list of available housing in Norrath, including cost, upkeep,
and vault and vendor slots, in our
EQ2 general
housing guide
. Below is the tour of homes! Check out the digs for New Halas,
Kelethin, Gorowyn, Neriak, Qeynos, Freeport, and Maj'dul. Keep in mind that as of game update 56, Freeport
and Qeynos are no longer options as starter cities, but you can still change
citizenship to reside in the original cities. Speak with a citizenship NPC in
your hometown to make the switch.

New Halas

Found within the mountain in a massive glacier in the Frostfang Sea, this
winter wonderland is a beautiful place to call home. Most of life's necessities
are available nearby and while this isn't a major city, it is still a very
desirable place to make your own. Good and neutral classes only are allowed to
live here.


Traditionally the city of the Wood Elves, Kelethin has become home to many
other races over the years. Good and neutral classes may live here but for those
allowed to reside among the majestic trees, you will be happy you chose it!


High in the platform city off of the Timorous Deep coast, Gorowyn housing may
not be for everyone. The homes are definitely attractive and the city has its
own unique appeal for evil players but a new comer may have a little trouble
finding their way around. If you choose to reside here, make sure you have a
well placed city call spell and get to know your surroundings.


Vile evil never looked so good! Once rediscovered, the former home of the
Dark Elves has attracted many undesirables because truly this city is gorgeous.
The houses are impressively sized and have their own flavor making them perfect
for anyone looking for a darker feel.


The original city of sin and evil, Freeport is big and has everything a
citizen of Norrath could ever want including some pretty sweet housing. With the
big cities, it's important to choose a home close to central travel hubs
otherwise you spend more time running through the city than you do enjoying your


Just as big as Freeport but perhaps a little less confusing to travel
through, Qeynos is another major city you can make your home. There is plenty of
housing to choose from ranging from the small village two room starter houses
and going all the way up to grand manors in the more prestigious parts of town.
Wherever you live in Qeynos though, you are sure to get a smile and wave from
the locals.


This is the city of neutral neutrality. No matter what faction
you are, once you gain enough favor with Maj'dul and one of their courts you are
free to roam and live in this beautiful city. While the size of Maj'dul makes
getting around kind of difficult, for those who use the court house or would
like to share housing with opposing faction members, this can be the perfect
place to shack up.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016