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  • Guide: Savanja
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      • (1.27.06) Guide posted!

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      • Overview
      • Minimum Level
      • Connecting Zones
      • Quests


      As the story goes, the Lady Vox and the Lord Nagafen fell in love and wished to create a child of that love. It was
      forbidden that they mate, being dragons of opposing elements, and they were then imprisoned away from each other to keep
      a child from ever being brought to reality. The Lady Vox was imprisoned in the awe-inspiring caves of Permafrost, where
      she lived out the rest of her days, until her death, brought by one named the "Truthbringer", leaving her spirit behind
      to forever haunt her frozen kingdom. Her mate, Lord Nagafen was sent to Lavastorm and a good portion of the quests
      within these zones, brings to light their story

      Permafrost lies in the northern most region of Norrath, accessible through the Giants tunnel in Everfrost. While
      traveling through Everfrost, keep a watch out though, for the wandering Tundra Jack and his pet polar bear, Iceberg! On
      more than one occasion, they put the hurt on me as I ran through to Permafrost.

      Once you make your way through the multitude of Kromise giants in Everfrost, you will come upon the doors to Permafrost.
      I was personally amazed the first time I stepped inside this zone. The graphics of the icy cavernous tunnels are just so

      The Permafrost caves are made up of 4 levels, you enter in on the main level, full of Kromise giants and frigid glimmers.
      Head in northwards and a little to the west, there will be a drop to the basement level, where hard working little goblins
      toil away. North of the first room, you come to a large round pedestal. This is where the fabled “Vision of Vox” spawns. To
      access the other levels, you’ll need to travel up and down the spiral ramps, populated by animated glaciers and more giants.

      Minimum Level

      Permafrost is geared towards groups, so the mobs within this zone are heroic encounters.
      A minimum level of 40 would be reasonable, depending on the skill and size of your group. And as like most of the zones in Eq2,
      the further in you go, the more difficult the encounters.

      Permafrost is not intended to be a solo'ing zone, but my level 60 Monk had no troubles whatsoever taking on mobs in the upper
      tunnel that still con'ed green, so I imagine that a skilled higher level solo'er could breeze through Permafrost.

      Connecting Zones

      Zones Within Permafrost

      • Crypt of Vox
      • Drayek’s Chamber. There is a access quest for the chamber, information on this can be found here.


      There are a series of quests on the main level, triggered in order by inspecting each of the statues. Once all of these
      quests have been completed, you then may enter the center room with the round table and click on the horn to trigger the final quest;

      • Quest #1 “Prove your Strength” Destroy 10 animated glaciers. Reward; 6g + experience
      • Quest #2 “Defeat the Frost Paw Pack Hounds” Slay 20 Frost Paw pack hounds. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #3 “Incompetence Punished” Slay 10 Kromise Pack Tamers. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #4 “Rem’s Task” Slay 7 Kromise Rem cassocks. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #5 “Another Challenge Issued” Slay 15 Kromise Deacon watchmen. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #6 “Victor or Victim” Slay 15 Kromise Curn defenders. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #7 “Challenge of the Savages” Slay 10 Kromise Virh savage. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #8 “Final Challenge of the Kromise” Slay 10 Ikro Kromise protectors. Reward; 6g + experience.
      • Quest #9 "The Horn Sounds" Slay the 4 named giants that spawn once the horn has been activated. Reward; coin and a choice of neck item.

      There are a couple of book quests, found off of random Giant drops. For each quest, you will inspect the book, and be given a task. After each completed task, you will need to inspect the
      book again. When all tasks are finished, you will receive a book item for your house, and experience;

      • href=""
        target="_blank">“The Words of Freedom” - For this quest you will need animated glaciers and Icegill diviners.
      • href=""
        target="_blank">“The Age of Monuments” - For this quest you will need Kromise Ren Pugilists, and Kromise Ren Cassoks, Kromise Curn Defenders.
      • href=""
        target="_blank">“The Age of Turmoil” - For this quest you will need Kromise Virh Savages, Kromise Virh Armsmen, and Kromise Virh Menders.

      Misc Quest;

      • “Icegill Elimination” Found by clicking on the lamp at loc: -58.22, 6.93, -594.37. Slay 15 Icegill makers. Reward; 6g + experience.

      Quests of special mention;

      There are a series of quests involving the lore of the Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen. Though not started
      in Permafrost, I felt it would be wise to mention these, as they are large scale, important quests;

      • “To Speak as a Dragon” A hallmark language quest for dragons obtained in Maidens Gulch and needed for the following quests.
      • “Drayek’s Chamber” An access quest needed to be able to complete the following quests.
      • href=""
        target="_blank">"Fire and Ice” - This quest starts with Lord Nagefen in Solusek’s Eye. Once the quest reaches Permafrost, you will need to release Lady
        Vox’s essence to be able to hail her spirit, and continue the quest, leading to Drayek’s Chamber. Defeat Drayek and you
        will be able to move on to the final quest.
      • href=""
        target="_blank">"Deception” - This is the final quest in the Prismatics, also started with Lord Nagafen. You will be taking on the VERY
        formidable (and very full raid geared) dragon, Darathar. Once successfully completely this will land you the coveted choice
        of Prismatic items.

      I hope you enjoyed my little walk through of Permafrost. If you have any question, comments, or information you'd like to add,
      please feel free to drop me a note!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016