From the famous to the infamous, superheroes come in all shapes and
sizes. While their duds might make them instantly recognizable in a sea
of spandex-clad misfits and would-be saviors, it’s their
deeds that make headlines and inspire scholars to scribe their
mysterious monikers in the pages of history books.

Among other cool features, href="" target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online
boasts a team of tireless scholars who chronicle your
character’s every move; from your very first meeting with the
Mayor of Millennium City to your findings on Foxbat’s
FoxBattle Bots, each and every detail is painstakingly scrutinized,
categorized and ultimately fed into UNTIL’s massive database
on superhuman activities. While we may never know the names of these
cape-less crusaders, it’s thanks to their efforts that
we’re able to earn a plethora of Perks.

Perks are a means of managing your achievements in CO, but Cryptic
Studios has taken that core concept one step further by allowing
players to use their accumulated points to purchase things like new
costume pieces, upgrades and more. At any point during your adventures
you can open your journal (the default hotkey is
“J” on your keyboard) and click on the
“Perks” tab to reveal a complete list of Perks
you’ve completed as well as those you’ve discovered
but haven’t quite met the requirements on yet. Much like
superheroes, Perks can come in all shapes and sizes, though for our
purposes we’ll call them categories; Exploration, Heroic and
Rogues Gallery to name a few.

Below you’ll find a short list of cool Perks, handpicked and
packaged in a virtual wrapper to not only lock in the flavor, but also
provide you with some interesting details on how to go about unlocking
some cool Perks of your very own when CO goes live on September 1st.

alt="Brass Ring"

: 25

Take a ride on the Snake Gulch carousel

Experience Snake Gulch’s premier attraction; the wonder of
the West! The aerial carousel doesn’t get many visitors these
days, but it still offers a commanding view of the whole canyon. Climb
up and see for yourself!

: The Brass Ring Perk
is an awesome example of some of the cool things waiting to be
discovered by the explorers out there. While there are many different
Perks associated with more routine types of exploration, such as
finding all the respawn points in a given zone, it’s the
Perks like this one that will really make you smirk!

While this particular Perk is an example of a one-shot exploration
event, there are some others hidden throughout the game with slightly
more complex requirements, so be sure to occasionally check your
journal for new entries. For example, the next time you’re in
Burnside you might want to try jumping around in one of the campfires
local ghosts have made around town to unlock a fun exploration Perk.

alt="Healing Hands"

:  10

Heal 5,000 damage

Your selfless care for your teammates has unlocked the Support Role.

: Healing Hands is one
of three Perks that unlock different Roles that you can then select
when setting up your various Builds. “Tanker”
requires that you receive 5,000 damage and unlocks the Defensive Role,
and “Warrior” requires that you deal 5,000 damage
and unlocks the Offensive Role.

You may be asking yourself, “How am I supposed to heal 5k
damage when I don’t even have any healing powers?”
Fear not, superhero! The small green healing
‘boosts’ you occasionally see falling from defeated
villains will also count towards this total, so be sure to grab
‘em often and grab ‘em early.

alt="Unsafe" src="">

: 10

Deal 1,000,000 damage in PvP

: You read that number
right folks! After dealing one million damage in PvP, I’d
consider you unsafe too… unless you’re on my team
that is, in which case feel free to go about your business.

On a more serious note, Unsafe is a great example of some of the many
awesome Perks awarded for your efforts in the Hero Games PvP arenas.
Healers will be happy to note that not only are there similar perks
linked to the overall amount of damage healed in PvP, but that amount
is also factored into your team contribution during a given match, so
you can still rank high on the scoreboard simply by keeping your
teammates alive with your amazing healing capabilities!

What’s more is that not only will you earn Acclaim from your
efforts in PvP that can then be used to purchase some of the nutty
Luchador costume pieces, but you can be accumulating more Perk Points
in the process to spend on even more cool rewards.

alt="Vanquish Talisman"

: 50

Defeat Talisman

:  Poor
Talisman, she has it pretty rough. Not to mention the fact that her
annoying twin sister, Witchcraft, is always trying to steal her place
in the spotlight and occasionally succeeds thanks to being a member of
the Champions. In fact, you should be vanquishing Witchcraft, not

[Writer’s note: Talisman used some kind of mind-control spell
to make me say that, honest!]

Vanquish Talisman is a great example of one of my personal favorite
types of Perk, mainly because the only way to earn it is to defeat one
of the tougher named supervillains in the game. Not only is there some
great challenges waiting to be discovered with some of these
encounters, but you’ll be awarded a nice chunk of Perk Points
for your efforts to boot.

As these are some of the most wanted criminals in the Champions
universe, don’t expect to see them roaming around Renaissance
Center looking for quarters in the bottom of the fountain either. To
take on Talisman, for example, a good place to start might be helping
Witchcraft deal with the ghostly residents of Burnside. Who knows what
kind of strange evidence you might come across?

alt="Whoopee Cushion"

: 10

Defeat 100 FoxBattle Bots

Servants, sidekicks and sycophants of the one and only Foxbat, genius
gadgeteer, raconteur, and (self-proclaimed) World’s Greatest

: What would the
World’s Greatest Supervillain be without his hordes of
Fanboys and wacky Stunt Doubles?  Whoopee Cushion is a great
example of a Perk you can achieve by battling the lesser villains of
the Champions universe as you unravel some of the many twisting
plotlines which lead you to major showdowns and confrontations. Some of
these will even be linked to the specific type of minions you select
for each of the nemeses you create as you fill out your Nemesis
Gallery, so be sure to mix things up to maximize the potential point

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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