Whichever powerset you choose in
DC Universe Online,
having a reliable loadout for the role you take on is of vital importance. Not
only does your loadout maximize your potential as a player, but it also plays a
hand in how well a group encounter goes.  Bad loadouts for one or two
players can be detrimental to the success of some of the tougher instances. 
For the Ice powerset, this means having solid damage and excellent defense
loadouts.  Not unlike the

Fire powerset
, this popular power choice can be the savior of the group or
the albatross depending on how much research you have done.

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Caught you!

The Ice powerset is basically a tank class.  Depending on the role you
choose, you will either be playing damage or defense.  Because of this,
you'll want to choose a weapon skill that works well with Ice's melee nature. 
Ranged weapon skills do not work very well with the Ice powerset so stick with
brawling, martial arts, or something similar.  It is also important for Ice
players to remember to use your loadouts once you have set them up! 
Nothing is more frustrating for a group than a tank who is unprepared and not
properly spec'd.

Just like all powersets, Ice has two trees in which you can select powers
from: Storms and Cryogenics.  Neither of these trees will have everything
that you need so picking up a good combination of both will be your end goal. 
The Storms set of powers focuses a bit more on damage abilities with a lot of
whirlwind and zapping powers.  Cryogenics leans towards more protective and
crowd control powers they are more close range for better melee handling.

Damage Dealers

You can do some pretty legit damage with a good spec.  You'll probably
find yourself picking more from the Storms tree than Cryogenics and this seems
to be what works for many Ice players.  There are a few powers, though,
that you will definitely need on your damage loadout.

Your first damage pick is Glacier Flash.  This shoots out a steady
stream of ice to rapidly decrease the health of your target.  At lower
levels, it can one shot enemies and at higher levels it can still do impressive
damage if you aren't interrupted.  Freeze Wave is another nice damage power
that has the added benefit of a knock down.  Another good damage power is
Avalanche which brings on a barrage of ice and snow.  From the Cryogenics
tree, Frost Snipe is a nice choice early on but one power that you'll really
want to work towards in this tree is Ice Elemental.  This power transforms
you and gives all sorts of bonuses for your role which not only makes it great
for damage but is also a must have for PvP players.

Along with the general damage powers, you'll also want to pick up at least
one of the supercharge powers.  Freeze Ray is a good damage oriented
supercharge power that only requires 50%.  Blizzard does great damage but
it's a 100% supercharge power so it may end up being the sort of ability you use
in limited situations unless you tend to rely heavily on your weapon skills.

Even the best damage players may desire a little protection every now and
again especially if you find yourself struggling with survivability.  At
level 8, you have a supercharge ability called Hibernation available to you that
offers protection and healing while deflecting damage.  It's worthwhile if
you need it, but if you don't, skip it for another damage option.

Defensive Players

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Cold as ice and just as tough.

Of all of the powersets, Fire and Ice are the two most viable for defensive
gameplay, making these two powersets the tanks of the game. Perfect for frontline
leaders, these powersets will also be highly desired to head up groups in
instances and boss battles.  As such, having a good defensive spec (and
using it) is very important for damage and healing powersets who rely on that
defense to protect the group.  There are a handful of powers that stand out
as clear winners when putting together a defensive loadout.

Starting out, Cold Snap is the first ability a defensive player should take. 
You probably are worried less about defense/offense at this point, but it never
hurts to think ahead!  You might find yourself picking from the Cryogenics
line a bit more for defense abilities.  Frost Blast not only utilizes good
damage, but it also acts as an excellent crowd control ability.  Reflection
deflects attacks allowing you to avoid damage and in turn, turn that damage back
at your attacker. Winter Ward is an absolute must for a defensive Ice powerset
player.  This ability breaks control effects and increases your defense and
toughness which works awesome in both PvE and PvP defense roles. 

From the Storms line, Deep Freeze works as good crowd control by encases
enemies in ice but your best Storms ability is going to be Shatter Restraints
This power not only increases your defense, but also grants immunity against
control effects for yourself and up to three teammates.  Learn it, love it,
use it.  I promise your healer will thank you for it!

Remember, as a tank, doing damage is secondary.  Fill your loadout with
your primary defensive powers first then add one or two high powered damage
abilities.  You'll quickly find what works best for you and how you play,
but hopefully this guide has given you a good starting point.

Are you an experienced Ice player with tried and true advice on which
loadouts work and which do not?  Share your secrets with our readers on the
Ten Ton Hammer forums


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016