Defending in Rainbow Six Siege is no easy task. You’ve got to account for multiple points of entry, destructible environments, all while protecting your bomb or hostage. Fortunately, you’ll have an array of tools at your disposal, the right combination of which can usually counter any threat the attackers throw at you.

Knowing which operators to pick will come with time and experience, but in the meantime you can follow these tips that will start you out on the path to a solid defence.

  • You don’t need to reinforce everything. Certain walls like one’s leading straight to the outside should definitely be reinforced, but other sorts can be a game time decision. Sometimes leaving a wall destructible is the better choice, say if you want to make a hole to give you vision into the next room.
  • Speaking of murder holes, you should be suing them all the time. Try placing them near the floor so you can lay prone and still get a clear line of sight through them. Go for walls that overlook stairs or any other high traffic paths the enemy is likely to use.
  •  Deny the enemy information. You should always take out the drones as fast as you can, preferably before the attackers have had a chance to locate the target. If the attackers don’t know where the objective is, they’ll have to spend precious time looking for it.
    An enemy that doesn’t know where the objective is is also more likely to fall into your traps and line of fire, so keep your location a secret as much as you can.
  • Place your traps and explosives well. Traps like Frost’s bear trap and Kapkan’s tripwire can take down operators without you even having to fire a shot. You should try to place them in high traffic areas, but not ones that are well lit or easy to spot from a distance. On the other side of tight corners, or inside windows where the attackers are likely to rappel in are great choices.
    Also, don’t be afraid to pickup and move your traps after spotting where the attackers are coming from. All traps can be picked up and redeployed, even tripwires and C4.
  • Don’t box yourself in. Some defenders can go a little overboard with the barricades. The idea for your defense should be to create layers. You start a little farther out and as you get a feel for where the enemy is coming from, adjust your positioning to account for that. You should always leave at least one path for you to fall back to the objective.

  • You should also never just camp out in the objective room. That is exactly where the enemy expects there to be defenders, leaving you little to no chance of catching someone form the flanks or by surprise.
  • Wait until after the droning phase has ended (or the drones have been destroyed) before placing your traps. If the attackers spot on of your traps during the drone phase they can avoid it.
  • Designate a roamer. You should have at least one roaming player in your defensive strategy. A roaming defender can help gather intel on where the attackers are coming from, flank the attackers, and reinforce weak spots in your lines.
  • Peak out the windows. This one is a risky strategy because it’s very easy to spot the broken barricades from outside, but it’s also a good way to catch an attacker soon after they spawn.
  • Get someone on the cameras as soon as the round starts. Knowing where the attackers are spawning is a huge advantage as it lets you know what path they are likely to take to get to you. Most good attacking teams will destroy the cameras within a few seconds of spawning, so have someone just on them the second the round starts.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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