Gathering resources in Reign Of Kings is incredibly important. Everything you need to make requires a variety of things such as wood, flax or hay. Knowing what each one looks like and where to find it quickly makes life so much easier. In this Reign Of Kings guide we provide players with the images and location tips for all the key resources you'll need in order to get started.


Wood is absolutely everywhere in Reign Of Kings. If you see a tree, you can harvest it. Tree's will only last for so long before they'll break in two.


Flax is used for a variety of things, whether it's armor or upgrading a work bench. It's usually on the beach in large quantities but considering many people need it, you might have to run around the beach a few times before you get enough. Alternatively, killing a bear often provides a large amount of Flax.


I've not yet found a use for Flowers, but I've been picking any up I find because I suspect they'll eventually be used for potions. Their positioning seems entirely random - they grow pretty much anywhere.


Stone is actually difficult to find. It can't be harvested, but can be picked up from cliff's and rocky areas of the world. Stone is really important for long term progression as it's used on some of the best weapons or buildings. 


Primarily used for making Hay Bales, a cheap and fast method of construction, Hay is usually found on the dry beaches or on dry grass land where there's little greenary. 


Technically sticks can be gathered from almost any green bush but predominantly pine-based plants and from berry bushes once you've picked it. 


Berries are a good reliable source of food during the early game. They tend to be in heavy woodland or on the edge of cliffs. You'll have to head in land to find them. 


I found a lot of clay near road sides or intersections. There's also a lot of it on dry land away from rivers and the ocean. 


Whether it's off a Deer or a Bear, all animal wildlife in Reign Of Kings provide meat. They also provide additional resources such as Bone, Leather and Claws. 


Dirt can be found in mounds, primarily on the fringes of the beach or on dry land. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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