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The auction house is
central to the
economy in Runes of Magic. Just like in a lot of MMOG's the auction
house can be a very confusing place with long lists and seemingly
random numbers. Simply opening up the auction house can make ones
head swim. Some items are for very small amounts of gold, some for
quite a lot of gold. How do you tell what is a good deal? How do
you tell if you are putting up your own items for sale for the
correct price? How do you know how much to discount your items when
you are putting them up for bulk? Should you even be discounting bulk
items? Should I put this up now or wait for the holiday to start?

So many questions and you
really want to spend your time trying to figure them all out. Okay,
some of us do, I mean we live for this stuff right? We can log into
a game and sit for hours playing the auction house and making mounds
of money.

For those of us that are
not fans of
wasting er... spending countless hours at the auction house making
our millions, keep reading.


Auction houses can be
everywhere. They are even in the starting zones.

When opening up a category
you must hit
the search function to get anything to appear.

Item quality ranges from
white, to
green, to blue, to purple.

There are three tabs across
the bottom
in the standard interface.

Auctions - This would be the tab where you
will create all of your auctions so that you can make some fat loot.

Bid - This is a simple list for all the
auctions that you have bit on. I personally would not recommed bidding
on alot of items unless you are playing the AH. If you need it and will
pay for it then just buy it out right using the [buyout] button at the
bottom of the next tab.

Browse - This tab does exactly what
it sounds
like it should do. It allows you to browse through all the items in
the AH. I have created a browse tab tree that gives you a general
idea of where to find things

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What it Includes


Just what you think it would be, weapons of all kinds,
sizes, and varieties. Runes does take it a step further than the
average weapon sorter and breaks it down into one handed and two handed
selections. (yes I know some do this, hence why I say “average”)


Again no real surprises here. All armor is broken down
by classes and then for those items that are universal you will find
them broken down by slot. Example would be trinkets and talismans are
found in this section


Here you will find food, desserts, and potions. Potions
will give you a quick fix in the field for mana or health. All three
also can be used to give your character all kinds of buffs


All materials both crafted and raw can be found here as
well as production runes. This makes a good amount of sense to me but
it would also make sense to have all the different runes in a single


Really straight forward... all things recipe you will
find here.

Equipment Enhancement

In E2 section we find all things needed to enhance your
equipment. Jewels – used to “socket” your equipment, Runes – we know
what these are for, and Fusion Stones – Mana and Fusion stones found

Monster Cards

These are collectible, and they give you info on mobs
throughout the game but what do they do really? Tell you what, I will
let you kidnap the dev, and after you get out of jail you can let us
all know.


Two guesses as to what can be found here.

House Related

On the server that I play on this always seems to be
empty. I can only imagine what goes here: house things

Special Items

There are special items like repair hammers and horse
rental tickets. Really I am sure that other things go here but this
seems to all I see normally.

Quest Items

I am sure this is a hard one but this is where quest
items go. You know those things you have been wondering around for the
last two hours trying to find.


Anything that is oddly random and has no other real
place can go here.


This one kind of threw me off a bit. Here you can get
diamonds and gold. Yep diamonds and gold. Think about it. Or just keep

I know that a lot of the
above may seem
like its common sense and some of it is. There are however some tabs
here that would throw off even the seasoned vet. Take [Money] for
example. I have not played every MMOG out there but I have played my
fair share of both subscription-based and free-to-play MMOG titles
and this is something I have never seen before. It is essentially a
way to legally purchase gold using diamonds OR diamonds using gold.
What a crazy idea.

So how do you play the AH
and make tons
of gold?

Sadly there is no magic
formula. Since
every auction house is unique to its server each one is going to be
different. A level 1 mana stone might go for 500g on my server and
it might go for 5000g on your server. MMOG auction houses are a
perfect example of capitalism.

One addon that you can use
to improve
your overall AH experience is very creatively named
AdvancedAuctionhouse. It basically takes everything you ever see and
keeps a log so that you can get a good idea of what you can charge
for your own stuff you don't want any longer. It also gives you a
few extra tools to use when purchasing such as a price per unit so
you can quickly see what stacks are better priced.

The best thing I can tell
you is that
you need to spend some time there or at the very least download the
addon mentioned above or some variation there of. If you have some
auction house tips please leave them in the form linked below.

Happy Selling!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016