Runes of Magic offers a good variety of classes, allowing for players
to choose between the four standard archetypes of tank, healer, melee
and ranged DPS with more than just a single selection for each. While
the number of choices is hardly groundbreaking, it still gives players
a chance to broaden their play style with some measure of nuance, and
with the dual class system at level ten, the choices become even less

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Scouts are the masters of melee based range combat and the
trackers as well. Similar in many ways to the hunter of WoW or the
ranger of EQ, the scout is a leather wearing class that uses a bow and
arrow to inflict damage from afar. The scout is provided several
evasion and “snare” type abilities to minimize
damage at close quarters
and allow for a return to a more favorable distance. Scouts are
relatively weak in hand to hand combat, able only to use short swords
and daggers, and have low mitigation and health compared to their melee
counterparts. Pairing a scout with a stronger melee class is the most
popular option to help even out their weak spot or you can choose the
mage class to add additional long range firepower.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016