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Let us consider the Scout and what it
means to have it as your core class.  The Scout could also be
known as the precision hunter that only takes calculated
risks.   As stated in the beginner’s guide you will not want
to get close and will spend quite a bit of time finding ways to not be
close.  Let us put it this way; as a Scout you make a better snack
than opponent for up close melee combat.

Now with all of this talk of ranged
attacks and never getting close to your enemy and the like you might
think you would only want to pair your scout with a mage, priest, or
another similar range class so you are not getting too close.  You
might be surprised.  With the Scout class it seems a lot of the
dual class options offer up a lot of buffs for you and your party
members and some of the best ones seem to come from the melee

This does not mean, however, that you
will want to pick a knight so that you can get close and personal with
your enemies, even if you are wearing sunscreen.  While the Scout
will not be a class that anybody can pick up and play you can be
assured that those who get a Scout to end game are dedicated to their
craft and are worth having around for a decent amount of ranged pew pew
and buffs that everybody loves!


  • Choose wisely – pick buffs that fit
    your play style best when choosing your secondary
  • Research – make an informed decision
    so you are not standing there looking at your dead body a lot
  • Pick two classes that suit you – just
    because all your in game friends tell you it’s the best doesn’t mean
    they have ever played a Scout
  • The “class specific” abilities are not
    accessible from your secondary
  • You only gain 10% of abilities to
    enhance stats of your primary class

Alright, now we dive into the pairings
for your Scout.  Which classes will help you in your quest to pew
pew when joined with the range of the Scout.  Below you will find
a three part chart that will help you with your decision making for
your secondary class. This is going to cover more of the what.  A
full list of elites that you can obtain are listed here for the
Scout/** dual class options

face="Tahoma" size="2">Class Combo face="Tahoma" size="2">What it does face="Tahoma" size="2">TTH Score
Scout/Mage The Scout/Mage causes the
to become quite the utility class.  It is kind of like having a
batman utility belt in the form of a playable character.  You get
a dispel plus fire damage buff, AoE spell, and a DoT that is a debuff
for the enemy.  While all combos for the Scout are utility based
this one seems to have the most all around options.
Scout/Knight This combo gives quite a few
buffs to the player themselves.  There are several key things that
are nice with this toon. One is the ranged heal that you get so whilst
you are damaging from a distance you can help heal a melee party member
if the need arises, and with that you can cause your target to gain
mana and health with a special buff.  Another huge benefit is that
the Knight uses mana and the Scout uses focus and you get a talent that
allows you to convert mana into focus on demand.  This is a huge
benefit for the Scout to just keep going!!
Scout/Warden While there is not a ton of
on this combo as the Warden class is still farily new it seems to have
great potential as one of the better pure damage combinations. 
The two elite skills that can be found cause a huge amount of burst
damage and an intense damage over time.  This certainly seems to
be a combo to look into if you are a range player.
Scout/Warrior A combo class that is going to
cause more damage for the Scout.  While the total over all damage
may not quite be what it is for the Scout/Warden you should be able to
put up really decent numbers and be a great benefit to not only
yourself but the rest of your party as well when grouped.
Scout/Rogue What do you get when you put
damage classes together?  OMG damage that is what you get!! 
The Scout + Rogue is an amazing damage dealing class combo that will
help down any boss.  It’s really hard to go wrong with a damage
ranged class that only gets more damage by adding its secondary. 
This also has the potential to be the best class combo as the Scout and
Rogue share a lot of the same abilities.
Scout/Priest Since the Scout is a utility
class all other secondaries will enhance that and the Priest is no
exception.  With this combo you get a lot of the same as we have
seen before.  Some ranged spells that help both the party and the
player themselves. One nice advantage to this combo is the group
increase to attack and casting speed; while this is still a utility
piece it’s always nice to hit faster.
Scout/Druid Another utility class like we
have seen with all the others.  This one does have a nice ranged
de-curse which is always nice to have as a backup if your main
de-curser is not able to keep up or goes down for some reason.


****All information is based off of
available elite skills and general class information.  TTH scores
are based on general Runes of Magic information and how they are
perceived to play in the game. Actual game time with the dual class
listed varies greatly. If you have suggestions or updates please feel
free to post in the form below and notify ZeroMerc by PM or e-mail (
href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank"> color="#0000ff" face="Tahoma" size="2">[email protected] face="Tahoma" size="2">) so that we may be as up to date and
accurate as possible. Thanks!!


-Final Thoughts-

The dual class options play right
my original thought that this class is not for everybody.  If
utility is your thing then so far I have not really found a better
class.  Granted each dual class option no matter what your core
class will have a certain amount of options built in but the Scout/**
combos seem to take it to a whole new level.  So grab your toon
and head into a group with confidence knowing you are going to produce
some solid numbers as a damager dealer and no matter what your second
option is you will also bring something else to the party that allows
you to help out when the group needs it most!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016