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-The Basics

Dual class is an interesting way to
customize your character and over all gaming experience.   In
Runes of Magic you now have a total of eight classes that you can
choose from.  One of these eight will be your primary class and
another one will be you secondary class giving you a total of 512
different options to create your own character.

The attribute bonus that is received
from your secondary class is equal to 10% of your current
attributes.  Your secondary class can only be leveled by visiting
a special class trainer in most major towns and switching your
secondary to your primary for the time you are leveling it.  There
is a rule that states your secondary class can never outpace your
primary class. So even if you have your secondary as your primary
the game still recognizes the class you started out as your primary and
that your secondary is always your secondary even when it’s your
primary for leveling reasons.  There will be a quiz at the end of
this so I hope you are taking notes.

[protip]If you, in your infinite
wisdom, have chosen to play a Knight/Priest for your class and you
decide the damage is nice but you would rather be a Knight/Rogue then
you may obtain an item called “Fruit of Forgetting”form the micro
transactions store and forget your second class and start

-Things to Know

Dual classing can be a blessing or a
curse.  You want to be careful when you pick your second class
because it will be harder on you if you pick two classes with the same
“energy pool”.  A good example would be a Mage/Priest Dual
class since they both use a mana pool for their energy
source.  With both your primary and secondary classes using the
same source you can deplete your mana very quickly. However, the
Mage/Priest combo is actually considered by many to be one of the most
powerful class combo’s in the game IF you can learn to manage your mana
properly. So while that particular class combo adds another layer of
complexity or challenge, it’s still perfectly viable at the end of the

You get to choose your second class at
level 10. With the level cap being at level 55 that gives you a
good long time to make sure that one class does not way out pace the
other.  However, with it being at level 10 it somewhat begs the
question, why wait that long?  Just let it start at level 1.

Picking your second class is a simple
process; you just visit a trainer and they teach you your second
class.  Choose wisely as your second class will be with you for a
long time.  While this guide is simply an overview and basic intro
to the Dual Class system we will be exploring the different choices for
each class individually in their own separate guides.

When you are spending talent points and
gaining experience they can only be applied to the active class. 
So even when you get to end game if you have one skill you want to max
out on your secondary class you will need to make sure to switch before
you apply talent points to get that skill maxed out.

It’s worth mentioning here that there
are three ability lists for each class. Your general abilities,
class abilities and class specific abilities. Your general
abilities are like your gathering professions and such.  Your
class abilities can be accessed by having that class as either your
primary or your secondary classes.  Your class specific abilities
can only be accessed if that class is your primary class.  So if
there is an ability you cannot live without you will want to make sure
whatever class has that ability it’s your primary class.

-In Summary

  • Choose wisely
  • Do some research
  • Pick two classes not only that you
    think will play well together but also seem fun together
  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Remember while some classes may be
    preferred if you play well there will always be a place for you in
  • You cannot access your “class specific”
    abilities of your secondary class.

This is an intro guide with only basic overviews for the Dual Class
system. Come back for more in depth infomation!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016