Secondary Tradeskill Guide

Guide By: Savanja


Echoes of Faydwer brought us the joys of secondary tradeskills. I'm not a big tradeskiller myself, but I hear it's all very useful. This guide will serve as a overview and beginners guide for those that are pondering picking up one of the secondary trades, and will help you get started. If you are a tradeskiller and have information that you would like to add, please e-mail me, and I'd be happy to add it and pass on credit.



Transmuting is basically the process of breaking down items to use it to make new items, or as the official description reads, "..the art of deconstructing enchanted items into magical components, and using these components to create powerful magical concoctions. These concoctions, called adornments, can be bound to equipment". Not everything can be transmuted, so it will be important to learn what can and cannot be used. Things that can be transmuted:

  • Armor of treasured or better quality
  • Weapons of treasured of better quality
  • Secondary equippable gear of treasured or better quality
  • Adept spells
  • Master spells
  • Player made master crafted items

To pick up the transmuting skill you will want to speak with either

the transmuting trainer on the Butcherblock docks (loc: +752, +26, +593) or the one in the royal hall in Kelethin (loc: +414, +89, +235). There you can pick up the transmuting skill and purchase abilities and recipe books.

Getting Started

To break down for components, you first need to click on your transmute skill (found in your knowledge book under abilities). When you click it, it will sort of glow, when you hover over items, it will either glow red, meaning that item cannot be transmuted, or blue, which means that item can be transmuted. The item that you wish to transmute must be within your transmuting skill level. Starting out, you will only be able to transmute low level items, as your skill increases, the higher the level of items you will be able to utilize.

Each item that you transmute will break down into components for recipes. You'll either get a fragment, infusion, powder, or mana, depending on the quality of the item that you transmuted. Treasured and master-crafted items will likely produce fragment or powder. Legendary and fabled will produce infusion, only fabled has a chance of producing mana. You'll need various combinations of these components to make adornments.

After that, it pretty much works like any other tradeskill. You gather your components, create your adornment, then attach your adornment to an appropriate level of item, and viola! You have made something better than it was!



Tinkering is the old Gnomish art of making gadgets that have been rumored to help one out in day to day activities and in combat. Whatever your need, whether it be gadgets, gizmos, or doohickeys, tinkering can get 'em done! As most sane people, I rarely trust a gnomish invention though, so do be careful with this skill.

Unlike transmuting, which is a bit more complicated, tinkering works like any other tradeskill works. Instead of recipes, you will use blueprints. Do keep in mind that some of these created items are no-trade, so you will need to use the tradeskill commission system to be able to make these for your customers.

To become a tinkerer, you need to speak with the tinkering trainer, found either on the Butcherblock docks (loc: +632, +26, +598) or in Kelethin in the Royal Hall (loc: +421, +89, +242). This is also where you can pick up your blueprints and abilities.

Getting Started

It's all about gathering supplies, and you'll need plenty of them. You'll have to start out from the beginning of course, so here is a list of items that you'll need from the lower tiers:

  • Tier 1: Tin clusters, lead clusters, leaded loam, and rough malachite.
  • Tier 2: Iron clusters, electrum clusters, salty loam, and rough turquoise.
  • Tier 3: Agate, gold clusters, pliant loam, and carbonite.

There are way too many items to list that you can make, but a great thread was started on the EverQuest II forums that actually posted what items could be made and what raw materials those items required. It's a great post to have on hand as a reference when getting started.


Since you will likely be using the commission system with your new secondary tradeskills, I'll do a quick review on how that works.

After working out all the specifics with your customer, you'll need both be next to your tradeskill station. Some might find this inconvenient, but I happen to like the way it works, and it does go a long way in protecting both the customer and the tradeskiller. Once you are both there, target your customer, then click to create the needed item from a recipe in your recipe book. A window opens and the customer can add the coin and materials that you require to complete the transaction. After both parties accept the transaction, the creation of the item begins. Once the item is completed, the customer receives their item, and the tradeskiller receives their payment!

There are likely some tweaks that need to be made to the system for item failures and the such, but as it is, it works pretty well.


And those are the basics of secondary tradeskilling! I've already picked up each of these trades on two of my characters and cannot wait to see what creations I can come up with.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016