Approaching Squad as a beginner can be a little more intimidating than other games for a couple of reasons. The maps are huge and it can sometimes be confusing where and what you are supposed to be doing. Teams are huge, making it hard to know what role your team needs and where you fit into the battle plan.

But mostly the game is just more unforgiving than many of the other game’s out there where your character has a shield that gives you a good second or two to react before being killed. In squad, if you don’t pay attention and end up getting jumped it’s probably going to end with your death.

Fortunately all of these things and more can be learned pretty quickly, and the community is good enough that if you do need help, all you have to do is ask and someone on your team will likely be glad to fill you in. In the meantime, here are our picks for beginners to Squad.

  • Communication is the key. It’s one of the game’s official slogans but the point can’t emphasized enough. If you don’t have a microphone, this might not be the game for you. In order to coordinate such large scale battles, your team will have to be in constant communication regarding enemy positions and your current target as a team. Turn your mic on and use it.
  • Listen to your squad leader. There is a chain of command in Squad, and it starts with your squad leader. It’s their job to let everyone know what they should be doing, but it’s just as important for every member to listen and follow through with the orders. If you join a squad let your leader know you are new to the game and they will make sure you know what you’re doing (if they don’t, find a new squad leader).
  • Know all of your controls. There are quite a few controls to master in Squad, but not so many as to keep you from memorizing them all after your first few games. Go over the key bindings list and make note of each of the controls. If you want you can even change the key for each control to whatever you want.
  • Don’t shoot as soon as you see something. Range applies to weapons in Squad, meaning some targets will just simply be too far away for the gun you’re using. If you notice an enemy unit far off in the distance and you’re wielding an assault rifle, don’t shoot. All you’ll end up doing is giving away your position, something your squad leader won’t be too happy about.

  • Use your map regularly. The ‘M’ key is all you need to get a spot on your position and the position of your teammates. Use it regularly to see where the team is moving and where the objective locations are.
  • Stay alert. Look around you at all times, even when you thin, you’re safe. The sheer size of the maps make it very easy for enemies to sneak behind your lines or to pull off a flanking manoeuvre. Spotting an enemy before they can pull off they’re trap will save your life and those of your squad mates.
  • Sprint between cover. Open ground is a killer in Squad, so minimize the amount of time you have to spend in it. Use your sprint to quickly traverse the open spaces between cover. Repeat until you’ve arrived at your destination.


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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