Being a Squad leader is no easy task. Not only do you have to fight through the mayhem of a battle yourself, you’ve got to coordinate the actions of your entire squad accounting for enemy movements and the constantly changing, fluid situation that is the battlefield.

Safe to say it’s not for everyone, but if you do think you have what it takes to make a good leader, you may want to look over are tips for good Squad Leaders before you lead yourself and your squad into a whole lot of trouble.

  • A microphone is a must. This is pretty much standard for all Squad players, but is absolutely essential for squad leaders. You’ll be giving orders to your entire squad, and simply telling everyone what to do is a lot easier than typing it out.
  • Communicate often. A good squad leader keeps his squad informed every change to the plan and battlefield as soon as it happens. An informed squad is an effective squad. The longer you go without issuing an order, the more likely a player will wander off on their own, most likely getting killed in the process.
  • Be patient, especially with new players. One of the worst things a leader can do is belittle member of their squad. It will only make them resent you and not want to follow your orders. Be patient and explain things to new players or players that don’t understand your directions.

  • Come up with a strategy. You and your fellow squad leaders should have an overall strategy for the match, but you should also come up with your own plan for your specific part in it. It can be tempting to simply head for the action, but by staying focused on the objectives you can force the enemy’s hand, giving you the advantage.
  • Assign your squad roles and positions. Everyone in your squad should know their role and their position in the formation. When everyone knows what to do ahead of time, they won’t be panicking when the combat starts.
  • Understand and use FOBS (Forward operating bases) and RP’s (Rally Points). Squad leaders can place rally points and forward operating bases that are essential to your team’s success. Rally points are essentially spawn points. Any of your squad who dies can spawn at the latest rally point you have placed, although they only last several minutes once you’ve placed them. FOBS are hand built bases that house more permanent structures like a permanent spawn point (that works for the entire team), ammo restock, and more. You should only place FOBS in safe locations (preferably hidden) because they cost resource points to build and tickets for your team when they’re destroyed.
  • Coordinate with the other squads. A squad is just a small part of the big picture. Meet with your fellow squad leaders before heading out to work out an overall plan and strategy. You can then break it down into individual tasks and fill your squad in on what the game plan is.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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