swtor flashpoint and operation updates in patch 1.3

While patch 1.3 for SWTOR hasn't been the huge undertaking that 1.2 was, it has had a tremendous impact upon the game. Virtually every facet of gameplay in SWTOR has been impacted by patch 1.3 from the Legacy system to augment slots to even far lesser known changes, and the area of flashpoints and operations have not been immune to these changes. How big will these updates be to the various operations and flashpoints found within the game and how will they impact you? Swtorhub.com takes a look at the most important updates to flashpoints and operations found in patch 1.3.

The one update in patch 1.3 that most SWTOR players will be interested in is the update to loot found as that gear is the most near and dear part of the game to everybody. The first major update is that bosses in level 50 flashpoints now drop better loot rewards. The reason for this change is to enable players to progress to the Hard Mode level of difficulty. To have a chance of successfully completing a Hard Mode flashpoint, you'll need to be properly geared.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016