SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire changes up how content is delivered. Instead of questing throughout the world to level up, the game introduces a short nine chapter introduction to the story in the form of 9 chapters of content that plays similarly to your personal story, which delivers you to not only level 65, but the rest of the game (at the conclusion of the ninth chapter). There are many differences, but on the top level, it’s very similar to the class quests / personal storyline that was ongoing up until the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

To get started with the new content, you must be a subscriber. There is no purchase level entry into the chapters, in order to play the content, you must subscribe. Once subscribed, you’ll have access not only to the first 9 chapters, but all additional chapters from that point forward. To get started in the new content, you simply must be level sixty and then click “Play” from the quest menu, or create a new level sixty which will start right at the new content.

The chapters are not broken up by Empire / Republic, instead it’s one unified story that all players will participate it, with key differences based on the choices you make throughout the chapter, which determines which direction the story will move in and how the various relationships between characters play out.

This is where it gets very different than normal. You do not participate in group content throughout the entire 60 to 65 process, instead, you focus just on 9 fully contained story missions that take you through a few explorable areas, but for the most part you’re alone. To help with this, there are a few areas in which you can bring friends into your missions (the missions accessible from over-world map locations) and you do move through a few open explorable areas, but otherwise it’s all alone.

However, the process is rather quick. If you take your time, enjoy the content, and consume it at a steady pace, you’ll be through the entire process within 10 hours. If you’re aiming to speed run a character to 65, assuming you can stealth or ditch trash mobs quickly, you can probably get that to about 3 to 4 hours without an issue.

Some other important things to note. The missions change, both in order and sometimes objective, based on contextual conversation options. Likewise, various characters will be in various positions within the story depending on your conversation trees. These can and will include companions, so be very careful in how you choose various story dialog options.

Speaking of dialog options, they’re very important. First, for grinding reputation with characters in the alliance system (doing actions that upset a character will gain you little to not influence, whereas making them happy gives you more influence, ranking them up).

To summarize, each chapter is a self-contained mission. You don’t really even need a walkthrough for the first nine, assuming you play DPS and keep your companions as the default healer. Move to each point and finish the objectives. The difficult combat comes at the various bosses, which generally end a chapter. Even there, there is a variety of options to help you (healing stations, healing companions, etc.).

All in all, the new content delivery in SWTOR’s expansion is rather neat and rather easy to get used to once you’ve played through the first few chapters.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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