Tier 4 Selections


Demolitionist - This military specialist is a demolitions expert, and utilizes a wide range of large scale attacks which can alter the course of battle. The Demolitionist can deliver massive attacks with timed precision, or unleash widespread damage across the battlefield.

Any squad looking for someone to bring mass chaos an destruction to the battlefield, on an unprecedented scale, will find the demolitionist to be the person for the job.


  • Signature Ability: Explosive Wave - Causes signinficant damage and knockback to enemies in a large radius around the user. Requires the Vortex, Destruction, Damage, and Death Logos.
  • Ability: Explosive Nanites - Coats the target with explosive mircomech. Thereafter, each attack the target suffers causes some of the micromech to explode, doing some secondary damage. After 30 seconds, any of the remaining coating is rendered inert. Requires the Enemy, Enhance, Damage, and Many Logos.
  • Ability: Reality Ripper- Plant a bomb with a countdown. Enemies may destroy the bomb before detonation. If it detonates, it creates a large radius effect that draws all enemies close to the bomb and begins damaging them. Requires the Movement, Backward, Damage, and Area Logos.
  • Ability: Controlled Fission - Creates a bomb that detonates after 10 seconds, doing extreme damage to all hostlies in its area of effect. Requires Damage, Enemy, Container, and Trap Logos.
  • Ability: Self Destruct - When this ability is activated, your current location will be remembered and you become a walking bomb. When you are next damaged by an enemy, you will detonate, doing heavy damage to all enemies nearby. The explosion will harm you, but you will simultaneously teleport back to your previously remembered location. Requires Teleport, Trap, Self, and Damage Logos.

Engineer - The Engineer is an operations expert who can deploy technological field generators and battlefield drones which can server to augment and extend a squad's time on the field.

Any squad looking to increase their versatility, fire power, and time on the field should bring in an Engineer.


  • Signature Ability: Base Waves - At time of activation, places a buff on all nearby allies which grants them resistance to all damage and enormous body armor regneration rates. Requires Vortex, Repair, Defend, and Friend Logos.
  • Ability: Turret - Deploy an automatic miniature turret that fires bullets. Requires the Summon, Machine, Damage, and Enemy Logos.
  • Ability: Bot Construction - Utilize Micromech to construct combat bots on the battlefield.
  • Ability: Trap - User plants a trap that looks like a Turret. It "fires" at valid target but does minimal damage. When it is attacked, it launches a powerful discharge of its damage type at the attacker, causing a very high damage, and then harmlessly deactivates. Each pump level mirrors the Turret of the same pump level in damage type. Requires Trap, Damage, Summon and Machine Logos.
  • Ability: Temporary Wormhole - Deploy a disposable portable wormhole generator for field access to the local teleporter network. Requires Friend, Teleport, Machine and Summon Logos.

Medic - Medics are experts of microbiology and organic chemistry. They use this knowledge to heal and even resurrect allies, and inflict disease and death on the enemy. They are able to spread micro-organisms across the battlefield for constructive and destructive purposes.

Any squad looking for a military expert who can control the flow of battle through biochemical warfare should enlist a Medic.


  • Signature Ability: Regenerative Wave - Buffs user and allies such that for the next full minute they regenerate Health and Power at enormous rates. Requires Vortex, Enhance, Heal and Around Logos.
  • Ability: Resucitate - Post-mortem first aid; repairs some damage to ally's corpse and restores life on the battlefield. Requires the Life, Heal, Target, and Friend Logos.
  • Ability: Insanity - Disorient a biological targets mind in such a way that it begins attacking its own allies. Requires the Mind, Chaos, Enemy, and Target Logos.
  • Ability: Leech - Place an effect on a target such that damaging the target will cause the attack to regain health and/or power based on the attack damage done. Requires the Heal, Self, Damage, and Enemy Logos.
  • Ability: Immunity - Grant self or target temporary immunity to a certain type of damage. Requires the Self, Defend, Damage, and Effect Logos.

Exobiologist - The Exobiologist specializes in alien biology, and uses knowledge of anatomy coupled with the power of Logos to great affect. This class creates biological pets to aid in battle.


  • Signature Ability: Reanimation Wave - When activated, reanimates all nearby enemy corpses for a time. Requires the Vortex, Life, Negative, and Spirit Logos.
  • Ability: Hortimonculus - Deploy a living/micromechanical hybrid construct that exudes a regenerative aura which improves the Health and Power regeneration rates of the user and nearby allies. Requires the Summon, Life, Control, and Friend Logos.
  • Ability: Cadaver Immolation - Utilize volatile biochemicals to accelerate decomposition of a biological corpse, resulting in a violent explosion that burns nearby enemies and propels them away with concussive force. Requires the Damage, Area, Around, and Death Logos.
  • Ability: Reanimation - Use micromechanics to re-animate a creature corpse to fight in combat for a short time. Requires the Summon, Life, Negative, and Spirit Logos.
  • Ability: Create Clone - Construct a living/micromechanical hybrid copy of yourself to act as a battlefield combatant. Requires the Self, Friend, Summon, and Here Logos.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016