by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

The beautiful planet of Foreas is where you'll spend many of your early levels helping the Foreans and learning how to interact with the environment. Don't be fooled by the attractive landscape because this land is filled with not only Bane but natural predators which won't hesitate to make a quick meal out of you. The purpose of this guide is assist you in your transition from The Wilderness zone to the Divide area of the planet.


Not much has been released about Concordia Divide zone. Located to the east of the Wilderness this area is a ramped up providing more missions, Logos, and combat opportunities than you've seen so far.

The main area of operations will be the AFS base located in the central portion of the zone. Providing the most abundant AFS presence on Foreas it's also the home of central command, whose sole purpose is to organize military operations against the Bane. Amidst the towering walls you'll find large weapon and armor shops, an advanced medical facility and footlockers for storing personal items. Some of the more unusual areas are a Tavern, a command tower, and a detention area for holding prisoners.

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Map of the Divide

To the south of the grandiose AFS base lies it's counterpart, a large heavily defended Bane station guarded by dozens of enemy troops. This area is fully functional providing Bane with a landing pad, a command facility with access control, and a Predator launching platform. While this base is under repeated assault, the Bane are not surrendering any ground without a fight. You can expect heavy resistance in the form of Stalkers, Predators, artillery, and full squads of Bane soldiers patrolling the area.

You will notice a marked difference in the influence of the Foreans compared to Wilderness. Consisting of a small village west of Foreas Base and a slightly larger to the north, there is very little assistance from these native people in Divide. What this means is the defense of this area is the responsibility of the AFS who are doing their best to hold various defensive positions throughout the zone. Some of these facilities will change hands depending on the tactical situation, so if you are looking for a fight, these are the places to be.

Concordia Divide Areas

Bane Forward Command - Located in the center of the Divide, the Bane Forward Command marks a stronghold of Bane control. This sprawling complex includes a locked command center, predator launching pad, artillery, and enough Bane patrols to keep any squad busy. It is only accessible through a select few paths which are well fortified against any intruders.

A few missions handed to you by AFS command will require you to infiltrate this base and place beacons, destroy creatures and in one instance infiltrate the locked command tower. This is one of the most dangerous areas you'll find and bringing backup is not only smart but many times necessary for your survival. Expect to find Thrax soldiers of every type, Predators, end even a few named creatures to be shooting at you as you wander around.

The Crossroads - Through a mountain pass to the east of Foreas base, this forward area is little more than a teleporter guarded by a handful of men. Under constant attack by Bane and Warnets you'll find yourself going in and moving out of harms way. You'll be required to complete a number of tasks in this area including destroying Warnet nests and tracking down a patrol of named Thrax. There are also at least 2 Logos in the area which you'll want to acquire depending on your class.

Delta Outpost - The farthest eastern defensive position AFS has, this outpost protects against repeated Bane incursions coming from the eastern trenches. It sits on the trail leading to the Minos Caverns and the Corman tunnel leading into the Palisades zone. While the facility itself provides a medic, teleporter, and vendor expect danger when you leave the safety of it's walls.

You will find a few missions to run in this area one of which is dragging a few Cormans through a wave of Bane and Warnets to escape the zone. Expect to use this as a jumping off point for getting to Palisades and control points deeper into the Bane controlled area such as Torcaster's prison.

Foreas Base - Arguably the most important place on Foreas, this marks the central location of the AFS command controlling all operations on the planet. You'll not find a more hospitable and safe place to train, rest, or just go to the bathroom. You'll see a full range of vendors selling weapons, armor, explosives, crafting supplies and everything you could possibly need. You'll also find a few unique buildings around including a tavern, a high security detention facility housing prisoners, and a central command tower.

You will get more missions from Foreas Base than any other location on the planet. From simple escort, to assassination, to retrieval you'll even have a few ethical parable missions to decide. In addition you'll also find a NPC's handing out assignments for all of the instances and even a few of the elusive Logos.

Foxtrot Outpost - This is a relative safe point providing a fire base for thinning out invading Bane forces attempting to reach Foreas Base. While they can't all be stopped you can expect the men and women of Foxtrot Outpost to give them quite a fight. This area will be the locations of a few Foreas Base missions and provide a few unique opportunities for gear and experience.

Hydro Plant - This facility provides hydro electric power to a number of other areas and is considered a high priority for the AFS command. It is a control point meaning it is under regular attacks from the Bane and may not be available at times to turn in missions or enjoy other benefits provided. You will find a series of missions in here that will take you deep into Bane territory along the western trenches but provide some amazing rewards for the risks taken.

Nidu Dav/Northwestern Highlands - Why did we merge these two areas? Northwestern Highlands is nothing more than a teleporter but does represent the first safe area you'll find entering the Divide zone. You will find Receptive Liaison Brice here who will give you missions for a few of the Logos. There is a tower which will provide you ample protection from any attacks should you need it.

Nidu Dav is a Forean village to the east of Northwestern Highlands. This small settlement will provide a handful of missions including a tricky defense against a Bane attack and a Logos retrieval.

Thoria Das - Far to the north of the Foreas Base through the mountains lies a second Forean village, this one a little larger and more menacing than Nidu Dav. Protecting an entrance to the Wilderness the Foreans are all that stands between the AFS and flanking attack that threatens to overrun Alia Das. You'll find a basic vendor here and this will be the objective area of a handful of missions from various locations.



Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Asleep North of Northwestern Highlands -755.2, 173.7, 822.3
Awake Foreas Base -132.4, 48.2, 535.9
Backward Eastern Trenches southwest of Delta 290.2, -489.0
Defend Foreas Base 106.3, 137.9, 692.4
Enlighten Southeast of the Crossroads among the Warnets 619.4, 81.6, -13.0
Friend Southeast of Nidu Dav -762.1, 365.2
Give Xanx cave southeast of Crossroads near Warnet area 746.8, 98.1, -6.0
Increase West of Purgas Control Point -960.1, 127.7, -622.6
Life South of Northwestern Highlands.Cross logbridge at -708.1, 148.0, 459.4. -765.9, 181.7, 524.7
Negative Between Foreas and Foxtrot 184.9, 119.9, 134.4
Now In Xanx area south of War Logos cave. 513.8, 88.8, 762.8
Star Near Wormhole in Foreas Base 3.1, 115.9, 771.0
Summon In cavern NE of the Crossroads. Requires Star, Friend, Here, Enlighten and Life Logos to enter. 824.7, 156.0, 512.1
Those Minos Caverns near AWOL NPC 27.6, -33.0, -51.9
Transform Just north of Nidu Dav -470.8, 591.5
War In cave north of Crossroads near a number of Xanx. Requires Attack, Area, Damage, Increase and Here Logos to Open 358.6, 86.0, 613.5



Minos Caverns - This instance located near the Delta Outpost is not only full of deadly Warnets and a few lost AFS personnel, but houses a Bane research area. This instance is designed for squads around 15 or can be soloed in the upper teens and the main mission is required to complete the Divide Targets of Opportunity. You can find the entrance to this instance around 638.1, -110.0. Head out of Delta Outpost towards the Corman tunnel and take a left up the hill.

Timora Mines - The Timora Mines is a processing plant for Bane fuel providing a significant energy source and a wonderful target for the AFS. This instance is designed for groups around 18 and contains numerous missions including one which will update the Divide Targets of Opportunity. Expect to literally find hundreds of Bane, Machina, Predators and more looking to prevent you from destroying their fuel equipment. You can find the entrance to this instance in the far southwest of the zone around -572.6, -1105.7.

Torcastra Prison - Torcastra Prison is high security Bane prison which houses unspeakable horrors. Containing a number of AFS prisoners, it is the site of genetic experimentation and torture. This facility is guarded by a formidable force which includes Juggernaut, Predators, bunkers, and squad after squad of Thrax soldiers. This instance is designed for groups in the upper teens and is not for the faint of heart, so bring your friends with you. You can find the entrance to the prison around 168.5, -1015.2 flanked by a pair of Bane Light Cannon.

Purgas Station - This is a high level instance so you'll pretty much want to stay away until you are in your mid 40's. If you can get through the Purgas Valley control point and the guards around it, you will find the entrance near -861.1, -870.9.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016