Below you'll find a path to completing most of the solo-able missions in Wilderness and progressing from about level 4 (which you'll probably reach during the tutorial) to level 10 in the course of an evening. This is not the only path or probably even the fastest path, since I've only played through the content once. So follow along with your character if you like, or simply scan through for a mission you're stuck on (missions appear in bold text). One thing I can promise you is a relatively safe and ultimately successful journey.

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Find these for Missions

First things first, you have a quest left over from the tutorial area: Moving Up to the Big League . Upon zone-in, Major Bonham wants you to report to Commander Rogers (868.3, 294.1, 386.2).

On the way to the Headquarters tent, pick up Wilderness Targets of Opportunity from Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch. Hitting L to open up your log about this mission won't tell you much, just to keep your eye out for targets of opportunity. As you kill different creatures in Wilderness and explore the area, you'll get new objectives for this multi-faceted mission, earning you both goodly amounts of experience and cool new titles. Continue on to Commander Rogers. Pick up the Alia Das waypoint in front of you (the glowing column of blueness – whenever you see one of these for the first time, make sure you step into it to save yourself a trip next time) then make a hard right. You'll see Rogers in the tent sporting a satellite dish.

Rogers will give you a set of boots and a choice between to armor paint colors. Make your choice, slide into your boots, and get ready for the first step towards making your mark in Wilderness. With Too Close for Comfort , Rogers asks you to report to Elder Moawi and offer your help to the allied yet distrusting Foreans. Head north to the otherworldly looking Forean part of the base. Along the way, you'll spot NPCs with white caption bubbles over their heads. These aren't mission givers (denoted by a yellow walkie talkie), but they do often offer valuable information either on good places to travel (for things like Logos) or big pieces of the backstory. Unlike in other MMORPGs, you'll have to have a good grounding in the lore to progress through the game. No worries, though, Tabula Rasa makes it easy and fun to learn; you'll see what I mean soon enough.

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Lower Eloh under Attack

Elder Moawi (809.7, 301.8, 497.5) wants you to check on Elder Solis. He's near the Alia Caverns, which also (conveniently) holds your second Logos symbol. Note the yellow triangle on the rim of your minimap – this will lead you to the objective. It's only a short distance to Elder Solis (784.4, 287.2, 583.5), but Bane are inbound on the position! There's enough support nearby to make short work of the dropship's alien cargo. Solis, with Receptive Reception, wants you to head into the caverns and pick up your second Logos power, “Enhance.”

The caverns are just to the northwest. Drop through the hole in the floor, then wend your way upward (the caverns can be a little disorienting, but keep heading upward and you'll soon find the shrine). You'll have to deal with a few more Bane, but once you have the Logos ability, drop down through the nearby hole in the floor to arrive where you were at before. Avoid the hole in the floor this time and hang a few rights to arrive at the cavern entrance. Report to Solis, who will send you to Warrior Aprika (827.6, 301.2, 498.4 – in the hut east of Elder Moawi) to complete the mission and start Forming Alliances . It's time to mix it up with the Bane conscripts known as the Thrax!

Head west, but stop by Dr. Munson (767.2, 304.0, 513.0 – on a raised platform to the right) to pick up Boarger Acquisition . Head down the path, picking off any Young River Boargers you spot along the way. Enter Concordia Wilderness and hang a right when you come to a fork in the path. Head right, toward Pinhole Falls. There should be Thrax aplenty along this stretch of the road; if not, wait a few moments. You should have your Thrax hearts in no time at all.

If you didn't pick up the Logos: Power in the tutorial for some reason, it can be found along the ridgeline in the ruins just past the fork on the Lower Eloh Creek road around 497.0, 287.3, 324.0. On your way back to Alia Das, pick up the remaining Boarger cell samples at the open area just outside of town. Complete the quest with Dr. Munson, who offers Treelurker Samples . Chances are you've come across the vicious Young Treelurker Cubs while you were hunting Boarger, so you know what to look for as you complete other missions. Return to Aprika, who offers Conscientious Objector . This is the first of Tabula Rasa's “ethical parables” - where you'll have a moral choice to make. There's no right or wrong answer – just pick whatever path you're personally comfortable with. We'll leave that quest alone for a moment and grab a few others in the area.

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The Attack Logos might come in handy

You probably saw the sign for Eloh Creek back near that fork in the road, so you have an idea of where to go. Before you leave town, though, stop by Receptive Liaison Langerman in Alia Das (870.1, 294.2, 385.5)– on the path to the Alia Das Caverns). Accept the following missions - Logos: Attack – Target – Here , Logos: Damage , and Logos: Time . The mission text, as always in Tabula Rasa, is worth reading to hone in on the locations you need. If you want to track these Logos Shrines down now, go right ahead! But for the purpose of this walkthrough, we'll be picking each shrine up as we cross paths with other missions.

It's well worth a trip back into the human AFS area to unload some excess inventory. You probably got a radio mission (blinking on the righthand sidebar) called Training Day . It's time to choose your Tier 1 class! Talk to Soldier Trainer Bukowski to choose, but be sure to create a clone first! You can find out more about available tiers by checking out our Tier tree and class guide. It's likewise a good time to trade up on your armor and weaponry too.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016