Anyone See Splatter?

by: Taea

One of Tabula Rasa’s unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create some more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone.

The Divide Targets of Opportunity mission begins with Agent Garrett in Foreas Base, at -61,116,494. This mission line consists of 8 objectives. Each objective completed will award you with a different title, and gets you one stop closer to earning another clone token. We’ve got the list of all 8 requirements, and what you need to know to complete them.

Divide Exterminator: Kill 40 Xanx. The Xanx have wandered across the border with Wilderness, and are continuing their havoc in Divide. You’ll find a great number of these guys just outside the gates of Foreas Base, on the hills overlooking both sides of the trench.

Divide Thrax Hunter: Kill 200 Thrax Soldiers. Thrax soldiers cover most fighting Bane you see. Technicians, Caretakers, Soldiers and Infantry all qualify. Anywhere you go in Divide, you will find plenty to kill. You can stake out the Hydro Plant or Purgas CPs to have them come to you, or wander the map as you complete the other missions you have in your log. Destroy 200 of these bad boys to claim your Hunter title.

Divide Assassin: Kill 5 Divide Bosses. You will find several other Named Bosses as you move about the zone, but these 5 are the required kills.

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Splatter, Say Cheese!

  • Rotting Sal: A Hominis Machina found wandering under a ruined tower at -26,57,-152
  • Caretaker Mordra: Level 24 Caretaker roaming the trenches around 347,47,-316
  • Splatter: Amoeboid that patrols the perimeter of the Bane Base in the South, and inside the walls around -140,93,-524
  • Queen Stazzle: Level 22 Warnet that spawns anywhere in the valley around 716,80,124
  • Meat Grinder: Thrax Soldier in the trenches below Delta Outpost around 346,65,-431

Divide Blobstomper: Kill 50 Amoeboids. Amoeboids are those little green blobs that come running at you, ready to jam your weapons with a slime attack. Amoeboids inhabit all outdoor areas the Bane frequent, and chances are you will run into one shortly after entering Divide. Amoeboids are susceptible to laser and physical attacks, and are immune to virulent.

Divide Reanimator: Kill 20 Hominis Machina. These Humanoid Robot Borg are found in the trenches around Rotting Sal, or with the Hominis Patrol that travels the path from Thoria Das to Delta Outpost. Physical and fire attacks do a great deal of damage to these guys, but they are pretty low in hit points. Make sure to loot their bodies after killing, to avoid having them pop back up to attack again.

Divide Wanderer: Acquire all of the AFS Waypoints on Divide. There are a lot of them here in Divide. You’ll see a few on the map that appear close together, but as you try to run between them, you’ll find they’re separated by impassable mountains. Note that the requirement is for all AFS waypoints; you are not required to acquire the Bane controlled CPs. Here is the list of waypoints and their general locations.

  • Thoria Das at 264,1120
  • Foreas Base at -32,574
  • Northwestern Highlands at -798,679
  • Crossroads at 392,297
  • Hydro Plant at -202,37
  • Foxtrot Outpost at 69,-53
  • Delta Outpost at 479,-293
  • Western Trench at -363,-189
  • Central Trench at -120,-341
  • Purgas at -697,-678
  • Torcastra Prison at -196,-938

Divide Veteran: Complete all missions on Divide. This is a big one. There are a ton of missions to do while traveling through this map. See the guide for Concordia Divide and associated guides for help in tracking all of them.

Divide Operative: Complete all Story Arcs in the Instances. There are 3 instances to complete in Divide (Note: Purgas Station is a high level instance, meant to be completed later). They are: Minos Caverns at 638,-110; Timora Mines at -572,-1105; and Torcastra Prison at 168,-1015. You may want to consider a quick trip to Cumbria Research Station in Palisades, before going through Timora and Torcastra. You will receive 2 missions in Palisades requiring work done in those instances. It’s no fun to go back and run through those instances again for just that one piece.

Master of Divide: Complete all Targets of Opportunity. After completing all 8 Targets of Opportunity, return to Agent Garrett in Foreas Base for your reward! Congratulations, Master. You’ve earned yourself another clone credit!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016