Palisades - A Nice Place to Retire

by: Taea

One of Tabula Rasa’s unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create some more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone.

The Palisades Targets of Opportunity Mission begins with Surveyor Savinelli in Cumbria Research Facility at -503,141,713. Savinelli would love to retire to Palisades, if it weren’t for all the dang enemy walking around – but you can help with that. He informs you there are 8 objectives to clear in order to complete this mission and receive a clone credit, and he advises you to get started right away.

Assassin: Kill the Important Bane in Palisades. There are 8 total bosses to take out in Palisades. Most of these you will run into while completing certain missions throughout your time in Palisades. The 8 named kills are:

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Say Goodbye, Hygax

  • Shahrbaraz the large boargar at -608,178,802
  • Overseer Urm the Thrax, NE of Cumbria Research at -95,935
  • Kennilaxx the over-sized Howler, east of Krimm or attacking its gates
  • Hygax the Lightbender Kidnapper at -288,171,-814
  • Sinatrix the Technician, Inside Skive Base at 595, -457
  • Mirtanz the Technician, NW of Skive Base at 400, -535
  • Lawfoid the Technician, NW of Skive Base at 385, -405
  • Davinx the Technician, NW of Skive Base at 435, -295

Palisades Exterminator: Kill 200 Fithik. These guys are found all over Palisades. The trench leading to Devils Den has enough to keep you active for quite awhile. The tunnel between Ft. Dew and Skive Base is full of them as well.

Palisades Wanderer: Acquire All the AFS Waypoints on Palisades. Waypoints are the best way to travel around each map, making it quick and easy to move between objectives. There are 9 waypoints in Palisades, with 7 required for the ToO.

  • Cumbria Research Facility at -501,550
  • Walk of Giants at -577,77
  • Hightower Outpost at -71,-12
  • Camp Elinor at 338,525
  • Viands Village at -264,-536
  • Staging Point at 896,-312
  • Ft. Dew at -127,-798

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Smash Those Stalkers!

Palisades Stalker Killer: Kill 5 Stalkers. They really went overboard with this title, working to come up with something terribly inventive. You’ll find Stalkers outside River Base Krimm, inside Skive Base and in Clearcut Field.

Palisades Protector: Kill 40 Hunters… and their little dogs too! Ok no, not really. You only need the actual Hunter kills for the title. However, you’ll rarely find a Hunter without his dog or 5, so watch out for those Sonic based stuns. Hunters can be found in the Skive Base area to the southeast and west of Fithik Trench.

Mentalist: Collect all the Logos Elements on Palisades. 12 Logos are found in Palisades, and not all of them will be marked by mission indicators on your map. The full list of Logos are listed here.

Symbol Name Area of Palisades Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Ground Northwest of Camp Elinor 244.6, 785.4
Have Inside the caverns east of Ft. Dew 277.0, -754 .1
Honor To the east of the Walk of Giants -312.8, 86.3
Knowledge Northeast of Cumbria Research -289.1, 984.5
Man Under the waterfall in the caves -186.4, -119.0
Planet South of Camp Elinor on the Warnet islands 414.4, 388.2
Through Just outside Cumbria Research to the east -403.5, 633.1
Today South of the Walk of Giants transporter in the intersection of paths -520.4, -40.9
Tomorrow Outside the Staging Point area cave and to the left 833.8, -402.4
True To the west of Viands Village on a island surrounded by Warnets -422.4, -418.2
Victory Southeast of Cumbria Research in a cave. Requires Power, Attack, Enemy, Enhance, and Transform Logos to access. -797.7, 457.3
Yours Inside the Skive Base, take the first left then first right to lead outside. 681.0, -800.3

Palisades Veteran: Complete all the Story-Related Missions on Palisades. There are too many story missions to list here, but there are plenty of guides to walk you through them. See the Palisades guide, and view the links to the associated guides for more information.

Palisades Operative: Complete All Palisades Operations. There are 5 operations, or instances to complete in Palisades. The 5 locations are Warnet Caverns to the northeast above Lake Elinor, Treeback Camp inside Skive Base in the southeast, Devils Den in the south, the Temple Instances to the west, and Eloh Vale which is accessed via dropship in Cumbria Research.

Master of Palisades: Complete all Targets of Opportunity. After completing all of the Targets of Opportunity listed here, return to Surveyor Savinelli in Cumbria Research Facility for your Master of Palisades title, and a shiny new clone credit. Congratulations!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016