/u/Aquanort has posted a fantastic Voids Plus Assassins Strategy Guide

This is a tough build to pull off unless you are the only one playing it.   That said, you are usually the only one playing it.  

Read the start of the game, see what everyone else is heading towards and go for this build if it looks like you are the only one attempting it. 

Actually this build in general is very similar to the 6 assassin variant from what I've seen (I'm basing this on NA gameplay, I think this is being played in KR and I dont know exactly what their streamers might be doing). Look to hold void characters and strongly consider loss streaking into krugs. Once again, Zed (or Akali if Zed is contested) is likely to be a major carry, but so is Kassadin. Like ye olde Gunslingers, you just econ hard to Krugs, then immediately after you roll hard.

There is build overlap, so you can pivot out of this into multiple other builds.  

OVERLAP BETWEEN THE BUILDS (AKA you can swap between them depending on your game):

  • Benefiting from loss streaking (for econ and for priority to grab assassin spatula items)

  • Assassin Spatula on a void character (Rek'Sai or Kassadin)

  • Not leveling at all until after Krugs, then doing so on an OPTIONAL/SITUATIONAL level.

  • Zed Carry Ideally, Akali Carry if Forced

  • Usage of less meta characters (no dragons, rangers, or shifters here unless desired at 8+)

What are your thoughts on this build?  Have you or will you try it?

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Last Updated: Sep 03, 2019

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