Temtem Creature Strength and Weakness Chart. Creatures in Temtem are stronger against some creature types and weaker against others. This simple chart will make sure that you know which types to use.

TemTem Type Strong Against Weak Against
Crystal Electric, Mental Fire, Earth, Melee
Digital Mental, Digital, Melee Water, Electric, Digital
Earth Fire, Electric, Crystal Water, Nature, Melee
Electric Water, Mental, Nature, Digital Earth, Crystal
Fire Nature, Crystal Water, Earth
Melee Earth, Crystal Mental, Digital
Mental Neutral, Melee Electric, Digital, Crystal
Nature Water, Earth Fire, Toxic
Neutral   Mental
Toxic Water, Nature Wind
Water Fire, Earth, Digital Nature, Electric, Toxic
Wind Toxic Electric













Try to keep your Squad of creatures diverse so that you can match up against your opponents playing your strengths against their weaknesses. 

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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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