Temtem: What is the Best Starter Creature?

Much like Pokemon you start your Temtem journey by choosing your first creature.  You have three to choose from. 


Type: Crystal

Evolves Into: Sherald (at Level 30)

Strengths: Above average statistics and strong against Electric creatures which are common when you start out. 

Weaknesses: Learns the fewest moves of the three starter options.  


Type: Melee

Evolves Into: Baboong (at Level 30)

Strengths: High attack and defence.  Efficient stamina per damage attacks. 

Weaknesses: Many of your early opponents will have creatures strong against you. 


Type: Mental

Evolves Into: Tental (at Level 30)

Strengths: Great special attack.  Good defence.

Weaknesses: Two moves are only usable ever other turn. Low HP. Low Attack.

The best choice for a Temtem starter creature is either Houchic (weaker early, but stronger in late game) or Crystle (stronger early, but weaker in the long term).  Avoid Smazee who is FAR worse than the other two choices.


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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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