Face it, we’re all still learning in the latest loot gathering mess that is Diablo 3. While one of those lessons may be learned at the login screen as you smash your head into the keyboard wondering why the US servers are still down in a flash of brilliance, we’re here to bring you some real tips from experience that are acquired through... more normal means

And a lot of asian public games.

#10 - Respect your potion cooldowns.

This one still catches me off guard and while I love the red orb system and how it encourages you to fight rather than take random flak running by monsters, I sure as hell wish I could chug potions whenever. Until you know the enemy capabilities and how fast they can burst you down, be proactive with your potions in large brawls or after the first one or two hits from a boss.  

#9 - Stop being nice about loot

You might have forgotten around all of the hype, but the loot on the ground? It’s yours.  Take it.  No one else can touch it.  If you don’t, it’ll rot!

#8 - Manage your inventory often

With crafting being a big thing, and town portals having little more than a cast time, you need to make your profits where and when you can.  Don’t run around with a full inventory! Identify stuff immediately with a click and get it on the auction house or into a merchant’s hands!

Ahhh, fresh meat..... the sound of 10 million players finally able to log in

#7 - Debuff your foes

More than ever in the genre, Diablo 3 has you using slows, stuns, and holds to gain control.  Unless you’re overgeared and overleveled, make sure you’re paralyzing your foes one way or another during the slaughter to prevent damage to yourself and your potion cooldowns.

#6 - Don’t bypass anything.

With tons of side quests and optional bonuses, in addition to the free red orbs from the brawls, there’s never been more incentive to get out there and smash skulls off the beaten path.  We all need that sexy experience right now!

#5 - Make your games public

Since you can easily teleport to allies, share exp, and don’t lose out on loot.... unless you’re concerned about some random guy skipping the story scenes you have absolutely nothing to fear in having xXLegOLasXx join your game.  More debuffs, more experience, and more targets for the act bosses to hit besides you!

#4 - Respect the story.

This is a bit of a no brainer, but some of you might be getting the loot bug already.  Stop.  Sit back and enjoy this first run through or two.  Look at all of the lore.  Soak it all in.  There will be plenty of time later to power level and rush characters.

This is not Magicka, so I"m not exactly benefiting from the shock therapy here.

#3 - Get used to the auction house

Forum gold?  No sir, you’re going to be paying in real dollars this time around. While merchants and the like are still in for your gold dumping pleasure, even if you despise it, the D3 AH isn’t going anywhere.  You might as well learn how to use it now.

#2 - Use your cooldowns constantly! 

Unless it’s a unique named character, you shouldn’t have to panic and bust out the 30-60 second cooldown skills out of necessity.  You should always be looking to maximize your kill and recovery speed using your big skills--this is Diablo after all!

#1 - Experiment, experiment, experiment.

This is the time, folks. Screw around with various runes and skill setups, and find your favorites.  The sky is the limit and no concrete guides exist right now that people will point at that say NO YOU’RE WRONG.   You’re on normal and nothing else matters besides the story and getting cool new toys to play with!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016