Hadium Flakes are the new material in the Taken King and you can farm them to your hearts content on the Dreadnought. You’ll find them in chests scattered throughout patrol mode. These chests are often placed in hard to spot corners or side rooms that require you to go off the beaten path to find.

Hadium Flakes are very important early on in the endgame because they’re a necessary ingredient in the making of your first legendary sword; and we can only assume some into play in other weapons in the future.

While there has been some debate where the 100% best spot to farm Hadium Flakes is, the frontrunner so far has to be The Mausoleum.

You can get to the Mausoleum by entering patrol mode and then cutting straight through the Cabal ship. This will take you right to the Mausoleum, which is a fairly small area that has an endless pit at one end and half of a crashed Cabal ship at the other.

Important! Before you start farming make sure your item inventory has at least one space free or you will not receive Hadium Flakes.

From here the farming route is simple, run around the edge of the room and check all of the doorways for chest spawns. There are usually around 4 – 6 chests active in the area at a time, so you’ll often find one at least every second door. Some doors have deeper rooms with side areas so make sure you check all the way at the back.

Several chests will also spawn more towards the center of the map, either up on one of the raised circular platforms or underneath the bridge like platform near the pit.

A chest will also spawn in the upper room of the crashed cabal ship. There’s a large opening you can use to get into it by jumping on some nearby debris. You’ll see it jutting out from the main section of crashed ship toward the center of the map.

Once you’ve gone around once or twice, you’ll get a feel for the lay of the land and can do the whole run in a couple of minutes. Chests respawn very quickly so you can just keep running it to your hearts content.

Nightstalker Hunters can also make use of their tracking perk, which will display an icon on their map for nearby chests. This will save you time by allowing you to bypass any rooms you don’t see a chest in.

What farming sweet spots have you found? Let us know in the comments!

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Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016

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