With World Tier 5 around the corner, and despite The Division 2 having absolutely buckets of content, many players might be wondering what to do if they're close to, or on the soft-cap of Gear Score (450). Fortunately there's plenty of things you can be getting on with. 

Alert Level 3 Control Points In World Tier 4

There's a brilliant post by HSG82 detailing why it's not worth farming World Tier 4 right now, and besides the simple reason that World Tier 5 will make your gear largely redundant almost instantly, it seems farming Alert Level 3 Control Points is a more valuable use of your time. His reasoning - and it's sound - is that they provide blueprints, cache, and gear, all of which will make your life much easier when WT5 arrives.


A brilliant way to farm Specialization points, as well as money, Bounties are easy to do, fun with friends, and fairly lucrative if you can repeatedly do them.

Clear Missions

If you play Missions on Challenge difficulty, they have a chance of dropping Exotic weapons. 

Collectibles and Achievements ​​​​

A no-brainer when it comes to content, there's tons of achievements and collectables in The Division 2 that'll take up masses of your time. Even finding all the pictures, or walkie-talkies takes hours, especially if you aren't using a guide. 

Collect Hunter Masks

There are 12 Hunter Masks in total, and while we'll have our guide ready shortly, Toilet Drake has an excellent guide in the mean time. Getting all masks takes a fair amount of time, but is well worth doing: some look fab. 

Farm Exotics

There aren't tons of Exotic weapons in The Division 2, but they can be farmed and are fairly easy to grab. Obtaining them all should keep you busy for a good few hours, and is well worth it for your stash.


Recalibration isn't an amazing system, but it does allow you to raise your gear score above 450. If you have a good item, but with some dodgy attributes, taking a powerful attribute from another will significantly increase its item level. 


The Dark Zone is a mix of PvE and PvP, and is fairly popular at level 30. You don't have to go there, but the adrenaline factor is high when there's a risk you and your friends will lose your haul. I'd recommend if you do go here, go with a friend, and go with a PvP build in mind. 

Weekly Club Challenges

Easily overlooked, Weekly Club Challenges are linked to UPlay, and are accessed by pressing Escape > Progression > Ubisoft Logo (top right corner). The menu doesn't run great, but if you can grim and bear it, there's rewards to be had by completing fairly simple, but time consuming tasks (such as kill 250 Hyenas). 

Unlock Skills

It's worth unlocking all the skills available in The Division 2, simply because some have different uses in different situations. What's strong now won't neccesarily be strong in a few months time. Unlocking the 4 hidden SHD Tech Cache will help.


While you can pick a Specialization after 30 and when you've completed the story, there's two more to unlock and further planned in the next few months. Completing content to obtain Specialization points, or to save them up for future releases, is well worth doing. 

Think we've missed something? Let us know and we'll add it to this list.

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019

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