With so many zones in EverQuest II's land of Norrath these days it is easy to lose track of where you should be playing at any given level. Easy travel and loads of new zones and content make adventuring even more fun and rewarding if you know just where to go. Come take our tour of Norrath and get one EQ2 veteran's advice on where you should be leveling for each tier.

After you’ve run out of content in Steamfont, hopping between Lavastorm and Everfrost works well. You can do the bulk of the quests in both zones to gain enough in level to start in on Desert of Flames content. Groupers can check out Klak’Anon, but I still personally prefer Permafrost and Solusek’s Eye. These classic zones are huge and mobs are spaced well for ease of movement. Have to love the classics!

Take a look at our Tour of Norrath and then be sure to post here to let us know where you love to level!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016