Tradeskill Basics

Crafting Levels 1-10

Guide by: Savanja

Special thanks to Stefman123 for his contributing ideas for our crafting


I have never been big on tradeskills in game, which is ironic given that I
started out my MMORPG career as a scribe in Ultima Online. I was afraid to
venture too far away from the city, so I stayed where it was safe! Once I did
venture though, I never turned back, and I didn't like the idea of being cooped
up in a sweatshop for hours of my gaming day. Now that my character has maxed out on adventure levels, I thought I'd give
crafting a try just to see how it is. It isn't quite as bad as I had envisioned,
and now I actually enjoy hanging out in the tradeskill instance for short
periods of time! So since I'm noobing (is that a word?) my way through learning to craft, I
thought I'd drag my fellow tradeskilling virgins along with me! Don't worry,
I'll be gentle.


The first step in crafting in EQ2 is finding where and figuring out what.

The "where" is fairly easy. You will need a crafting station and those can be
found in various places. Basically, the starting isles, and each village around
Qeynos and Freeport will have a tradeskill zone. Kelethin and Neriak have their
tradeskill areas arranged differently, and you will find the stations throughout
the zones in the open areas. I much prefer the trade zones, but some like having
the stations in the open cities. If you are new to game, you will want to talk
with a crafting trainer, one is found in the starting locations, or in front of
any of the tradeskill zones. Or better yet, if you are seriously not at all
familiar with the crafting process, and are a new character to the game, you
will find a "Seeking a Tradeskill Profession" in your inventory once you have
arrived in your starting city, or you may get one from a tradeskill trainer if
you deleted it long ago like I did. This quest will not only teach you the
basics, but it will also gain you recipes and levels!

The "what" of crafting is a bit more difficult. We all start out as an
Artisan, and will be such until we pick a crafter class at the completion of
level 9. During your first 9 levels of crafting, take some time to try all of
the various "jobs" and see if you find one that appeals to you. If if doesn't
really matter to you which one you choose and you are guilded, try picking
something that your guild could use. This will ensure you plenty of work (and
lots of friends) in the future!

Now that you you know where to go, it is time to craft something!

Crafting works in tiers, so for levels 1-9, you'll be harvesting in the
starting areas around Qeynos or Freeport, or in the starting areas of Greater
Faydark's Nursery or The Darklight Woods. You'll need to know what each
harvesting node drops:

Tier 1

Animal Den dear meat, turtle meat, rawhide leather pelt
Ore leaded loam, tin cluster
Stone rough malachite, lead cluster
Fishing frogleg, sunfish
Shrub jum jum, Baubleshire cabbage, black coffee bean, white tea leaf
Root root
Wood severed elm

You will also need to purchase a fuel for each each station:

Engraved Desk incense
Woodworking Table sandpaper
Forge coal
Chemistry Table candle
Loom (Sewing Table) filament
Workbench coal
Stove & Keg walnut kindling

Recipe books can be purchased off of the broker or from the crafting

For the early levels, I suggest harvesting everything and anything (you will
need LOTS of bags for this), so that you have it all on hand and can test out
the various skills.

Once you have everything you need for each recipe, and are ready to craft,
I'd take a moment to learn about your tradeskill abilities. During the tradeskill process, there will be an occurrence shown on
your tradeskill dialog box. You counter each one of these with the corresponding
icon from the lower bar on your tradeskill window. If you hover over these
abilities, you will see that each one does something for you. You can manipulate
your durability and state bars with these abilities in addition to using them to
counter. You'll have one ability that increases durability and one that
increases progress without penalty (the others have a penalties in use). These
are ones that you will use when you aren't countering. If things are going well
durability wise, you can make your progress go faster by hitting the progress
icon. If you are in danger of dropping on the durability bar, spam the icon that
increases durability to ensure you don't lose out.

Now that you have all your needed items, and are all set up..Craft

It doesn't take long to level up in crafting, and I made level 9+ before I
ran out of harvested supplies.

At this point you will want to choose your tradeskill class and progress to
level 10. To do this, you will need to talk to a Crafting Trainer. In Qeynos:
Alfred Ironforge on the dock in Qeynos Harbor (where the construction is
happening). In Freeport: Alethea Augustine in West Freeport at the Coalition of
Tradesfolke. For Neriak, the crafting trainer is in the building with the bank.
For Kelethin the crafting trainer is just outside Tunare's Pages. They also put
trainers outside of the crafting instances which was a very nice addition!

Ding! You are now level 10 and are either a craftsman, outfitter, or scholar.

Next we will look at more advanced tradeskilling in href="">levels


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016