SWTOR Hypercrates / Supercrates are a fun filled loot piñata that you can buy in the cartel shop in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hypercrates are basically condensed packs, which take up a single inventory space, and once opened give you the packs contained within, which you can open for loot and fun. There are several interesting uses for hypercrates, including a way to purchase credits that can come out a bit better than other methods (depending on market appetite) and of course, collecting rare loot.

Wonder how much Hypercrates cost? Hypercrates are usually around $40 or around 5,500 credits, but they can be up to 9,000 credits or on sale for as low as 40 to 50% off. Generally, the hypercrate should be about 20% off of the packs if you bought them themselves, making it good value, but the numbers change as each major patch often introduces new hypercrates at new pricing. Right now, the standard is usually 5,400 Cartel Coins per pack, or $40. Supercrates are often around 1,000 Cartel Coins.

Of course, generally speaking, when you’re thinking about buying a hypercrate you’re more or less probably looking to get a specific item. Before you do anything else, let’s talk about getting what you want out of the crate. You can buy tons and tons of crates, but the reality is the RNG is going to eat you alive.

What you can do instead is buy the crates, list them on the GTN, and then take those credits to buy the item you want. This is going to be the best most cost effective way of getting the item you want.  Many packs have not only a wide variety of loot they can drop (including outfits), but many of the loot pieces come ala carte meaning you’ll get gloves but not the chest, which can suck if you’re trying to get the full outfit.

Likewise you can open one or two hypercrates, if you want to spend that kind of dosh (hypercrates cost $40ish each), to see if you can clear out some of the outfits you want, then purchase the rest off of the GTN.

As far as opening the crates, don’t try to overthink the process of it. The crates are just RNG and there is a lot of theories and rumors out there about chance cubes and the order to open packs and the such, but the reality is that it’s just literally RNG. You’ll get about 20 items, 30ish chance cubes, and 10 decorations per hypercrate. You can get more or less, and the chance cubes are going to provide a lot more loot as well.

Ultimately, as someone who doesn’t like crate, lockboxes, etc., I would obviously say farm the credits and buy the loot you want in the game, but at the same time, hypercrates are for those who are truly interested in opening lots and lots of packs. You can sell the hypercrates / packs on the GTN for a profit, but be sure to do some serious number crunching before you do.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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