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A macro is a useful utility which allows you to pack a set of three
separate instructions into one hotbar button ( style="font-weight: bold;">please note, only two of these
instructions may be used to activate spells and abilites).  

Macros can be devised purely to save chat keystrokes in chat, e.g. a
quick [/g %T incoming!!] to let your group know that a mob is inbound,
or can be used to fire off 2 spells and an instruction of some kind,
e.g. switch target to double heal a DPS being pummeled by a peeled mob.

Note that as of today (2.26.05) you can add a third spell to a macro IF it has no cast time. This is useful to start and finish common solo HOs as long as you're not picky about the result. Healers, for example, might like a macro that kicks off an HO (zero cast time), then casts two hammer icon spells. Note that you're still susceptible to fizzles and the casting "needs" of rare HOs when you use a macroed common HO.

Press “o” (default) to bring up the “Socials” dialogue, then click on
the “Macros” tab.   You can store up to style="font-weight: bold;">50 macros here, and drag them down
to your hotbar for quick access.

Hit <Click to Edit> to get started! New commands must be on a new
line, example :


/say Goodbye!!


Will make your character bow, then say "Goodbye!!”, then wave goodbye.

Note that a macro is executed all at once.  That means simply that
when you hit the button for this macro:

/useability buff1

/useability buff2

/gsay You’re buff!

You immediately begin casting buff1, queue buff2, and simultaneously
announce “You’re buff!”  At this point, there’s no way to add

Want to spice up your chat and macroed socials and dialogue with some COLOR? (NOTE: as of 2.28.05 this only seems to be working on the European servers). Just surround the portion of the dialogue with standard HTML color designations, using a "/" as the on-switch and "\" as the off switch. For example: /#ff0000 HEALER DOWN!! \#ff0000 puts this important message in red, hopefully catching the attention of your groupmates. [Thanks Myrich!]
Here's a few common colors, note that some will be hard to see depending on what user interface settings your audience is using.
#FF0000 = red
#0000FF = blue
#008000 = green
#00FF00 = lime
#FF00FF = magenta
#FFFF00 = yellow

Here’s some other helpful examples….

Sample Macros (by Okooo of Oggok)

Pulling (with plenty of aggro on

/gsay I am pulling %T please assist me in killing %O

/useability taunt

/useability shout

Assisting the Main Tank

/target_group_member # (replace # with the number of the group member
that’s tanking)


/useability <debuff> (optional, use a favorite all-purpose debuff)

Backstabbing Attack (Mid Battle,
starts sneak, turns off attack then cues backstab attack)

/useability sneak


/useability backstab

Healing (can have one for each party
member available at the click of a button, in a long duration group I
name each button for a group member :)

/target_group_member 1

/useability <Reactive Heal, HoT, Ward>

/useability <click heal>

Self Buffing


/useability <Buff>

/useability <Buff>


/useability <Mez>

/gsay I have (Mezzed) %T, please assist the MT. Ya break it ya bought
it :)

Rooting and Running

/toggleautoattack (if you’re meleeing)

/useability <Root>

/gsay %T rooted, RUN!


/useability Evac

/g Uh Oh! Evacing In 5 Seconds… HUDDLE UP ON ME or get left behind!!!

Useful Slash Commands (Compiled by Okooo of Oggok)

Thanks to Laby and Clan WhiteStorm for the original posts on slash commands, we've added a number of our own favorites too!


/target_group_member 0 (will target group member 1, not yourself first
in group window)

/target_self (will target yourself)

/useability <Spell Name> (Will do any of your spells)

/show_window mainHUD.impliedtarget (window showing who your target is
targeting, good for healers and tanks)

/toggleautoattack (turns on or off melee attack)

/togglerangedattack (turns ranged attack on an off)


: = /emote

' = /say

! = /shout

@ = /guildsay

$ = /auction

# = /groupsay

/shout - zonewide shout chat

/ooc - zonewide out of character chat

/auction – zonewide way to announce items you want to sell

/g or /gsay– group chat

/r - raidchat

/em text – emotes text

/cheer – emote for cheer (and a ton other that can be found in the
socials window - hover over the icon for the / command)

/brb – you tell everyone around you that you will brb

/t charname text - send text to charname

/telltarget or /tt will send a /tell to your target

% codes - Useful for hotkeyed macros (see socials window, macro tab)

When speaking, you can now use a series of “%-codes” that expand into
various pieces of information. Same as EQ Live.

%M – Returns the character’s pet's name (when they have a pet)

%T - Returns the current target.

%S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He,
She, It).

%O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him,
Her, It).

%P - Returns the possessive gender-specific pronoun for the target
(His, Her, Its).

%R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters -

%G - Returns the gender of the target

Misc / Utility

/showhood - toggle your headgear's visibility on and off, while still
wearing the headgear

/bubble_fontsize n - change text size in chat bubbles to size n

/kill – kill yourself, probably not terribly useful

/dis - disable experience (not sure why you would want to) -toggles

/motd - show game message of the day

/filter - toggles obscenity filter

/friend name -adds/removes name from your friend list

/ignore name - adds/removes name from your ignore list

/log – logs text to .txt file

/played – character played time information

/time – in game, real life time

/mood [mood] - where [mood] is afraid, happy, sad, tired, angry, none -
moods persist until changed



/camp, /exit, /quit - to quit out of everquest 2

/yell – breaks encounter and yells for help

/con – considers target (same info as is portrayed by mouse cursor)

/pizza - launches the Pizza Hut website on your external web browser

/random 1 100 - random number between 1 and 100

Group and Raid

/invite -- same as radial (to use an old FFXI term!) "invite to group"

/invite charname - will invite char name to group Ctrl + I

/makeleader name or target

/raidinvite -- same as radial "invite to raid"

/leavegroup, /leave -- same as radial "leave group"

/leaveraid -- same as radial "leave raid"

/kickfromgroup -- same as radial "kick from group"

/kickfromraid -- same as radial "kick from raid"

/disband will now disband the group member you have targeted. Ctrl + D

/follow – follows your target

/assist char name, partial or full name- you will target char name’s

/assist – you will target your target’s target (NPC or PC ok)

/target name - targets name

Character Status Flags

/anon - anonymous, hide class/level/etc

/role - roleplaying flag

/afk [optional message to be returned to anyone who /tells you]

/lfg - add you to the lfg search results

Who & Example Uses

just /, or /who (will bring up a list of people currently in the same
zone as you)

/who all (can be many things)

/who all, good, evil, roleplaying, scout, bard, dirge, 30 40, 30,

/who all GM (will bring up a list of GM's) currently bugged and showing
some non-gm players too

/who all priest 30 40 (would bring up all healers (of any subclass)
level 30 to 40)

/who all 8 (would bring up anyone level 8)

/Whotarget will run a /who on your target


/tellchannel -> send message to room specified. Alias: /csay

/# -> tell command for channel number assignment (better than
/tellchannel #)

/joinchannel -> enter a room (or create if doesn't exist).

/leavechannel -> leave a room. game/world rooms.

/leaveall -> exit all channels you are currently in.

/channellist -> lists all channels currently in.

/whochannel # -> lists all users in specified channel.


/guild create Guild Name – temporary method of guild creation

/guild invite -target a player in the same zone and invite them to join
your guild. You must be an officer to do this

/guild kick -used by officers to remove people from a guild - might
work to target yourself and kick too..not sure

/guild promote -used to promote people to full member and officer

/who all guild - lists whoever is on in guild at the moment

/gu or /guildsay

/guild motd [your msg here] (adds a message that all guild members will
see when they log on)


/pet attack: pet will attack your current target

/pet backoff: pet will cease attacking its target

/pet stayhere: pet will stop following you and remain where it is

/pet followme: pet will follow you

/pet report: pet will announce his health in a percentage

/pet guardme: pet will guard and follow you

/pet guardhere: pet will guard its current location

/pet who: pet will announce its master

/pet getlost: pet will disappear


/typo - allows you to submit cosmetic typo's

/bug - for real bugs

/feedback - for ideas, suggestions comments

/petition – report a player

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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